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Japanese Songs I Listen to Often

The author is a music enthusiast and I love exploring different genres of music. Would love to be an instrumentalist in future.

Something that has always fascinated me is the Japanese language. From the pronunciation to the deep heart touching lyrics the music the Japanese industry creates is mind-blowing. These are some recommendations from my side to anyone who is new to Japanese music.

This is a song about how sometimes you want to give up everything in life and when your last chance of hope is taken away from you. I would be glad if you carefully go through the lyrics and give this song a listen.

  • majiko - 心做し [LIVE] - YouTube
    majiko NEW MINI ALBUM『AUBE』詳細:公式プレイリスト好評配信中⇒『AUBE』リードトラック「声」MVテレビ東京系「勇者あああ...

I specially request you to not watch the video and read its lyrics cause it means no good. Talking about the musicality of the song, it is hella amazing and a masterpiece.

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This is a wholesome song. This is actually an opening theme for an anime "Tokyo revengers", that I have already mentioned in my previous anime series article. This is a song by -Official HIGE DANdism.

This song is an opening theme for an anime "Given".The song its instrumentals and vocals are a complete masterpiece. The song is by centimillimental. It is about how a person has to get used to living in life without their loved one.

This song is an opening theme for the anime Your Lie in April. It is a single by Goose house. This is a really fascinating and adorable love song that you would love to listen to again and again.


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