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A Look at the Life and Career of Japanese Pop Music Singer and Actress Sae Miyazawa

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This Article Will Cover the Career of Just One Pop Music Singer and Actress

This next article will be about just one Japanese pop music singer and actress that contributed so much to the industry. It is Sae Miyazawa. She resumed her activities after what has been a lengthy break. I wrote back in June 2018 that Miyazawa was halting her activities to stop and reconsider what she wanted to do. I’m sure that most of us have done something like this in our lives. But now for this Tokyo Japan native, it is time for her to resume her activities and this is what will happen! At least that is what was reported when I wrote about this in March 2019.

Note: as of July 2019, the article will no longer cover the time that Miyazawa missed due to her hiatus period.

The AKB48 Sub-Unit DIVA Members

From left to right: Sayaka Akimoto, Sae Miyzawa, Ayaka Umeda, and Yuka Masuda.

From left to right: Sayaka Akimoto, Sae Miyzawa, Ayaka Umeda, and Yuka Masuda.

Japanese idols Sae Miyazawa spends time in sub-unit DiVA

There are moments that every person will remember whether they are a celebrity or not. Japanese singer Sae Miyazawa had one such special moment on August 13, 2011 when she celebrated her birthday with her band mates of AKB48’s sub unit called DiVA. That is the way that the spelling of the group is usually written. And this is the other group that Sae was a member of. The group eventually changed its name to DIVA and disbanded at the end of 2014. There was a concert that was held live at Ai Chikyuu Haku Memorial Park. It was held to celebrate the release of their new single then called “Cry.” The weather that day was described as really intense heat but in spite of those conditions, some 2,300 people showed up for this special concert. There was a certain order of songs that were supposed to be played but the song Namida Surprise began to play instead. The other members of DiVA which are Sayaka Akimoto, Ayaka Umeda, and Yuka Masuda, surprised Miyazawa by joining the fans in celebrating her birthday with her. Miyazawa was so touched and moved by this extreme act of positivity that she thanked everyone for supporting the band and also mentioned that this is the first time in her life that so many people celebrated her birthday. Sae really felt that people should have put attention on themselves when the day was that hot. Following the performance, the members greeted the fans and stamped an item of each fan’s choosing. The stamps were designed by the members.

Sae Miyazawa's Early Career

Now since we have covered a more interesting aspect of the career of Sae Miyazawa who is she really? Her career dates all the way back to the great beginning of idol group AKB48. She was initially rejected during the first audition. She auditioned again for AKB48 in February 2006 with an audition pool of aspiring girls that were so large that it would stagger the imagination. Miyazawa auditioned with 12,000 other aspiring girls and she was chosen as one of 19 girls for AKB48’s Team K. She would stay with AKB48 and Team K until August 2012. It was then announced that Miyazawa and her band mate Mariya Suzuki would transfer outside of Japan to help Shanghai based idol group SNH48. The transfer was expected to last from 6 to 12 months. However, at that time, these two people did not have working visas for China so as a result, they were only able to appear as audience members for the group’s first public performance. But by October 2013, Miyazawa became a full-time member of SNH48.

The Influence and Significance of Miyazawa

However, even more important is that it is necessary to discuss the influence that Sae has had among fans in Japan because just covering the career of a pop music idol is only the tip of the iceberg. She is one of the first Japanese idols born in the 1990s and that is significant for the fact that she would end up becoming an influence for the millennial generation of fans. She is often called by her nickname of Sae-chan by fans and the media and such a name is given to those members of the AKB48 groups that have consistently high ranking finishes in the audience polls. Miyazawa was consistently ranked in the top 16 ranking members during her years in AKB48 and its associated groups. Her best finish in these elections was in 2015 when she ranked as the 8th most popular member. Miyazawa along with Sayaka Akimoto was part of the “Twin Towers of Team K.” This was due to the fact that both of these girls are tall and they had very important roles in Team K.

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Her influence has only expanded since her graduation from AKB48 and the other groups she had spent time in. Since 2019, she has become a regular cast member in musicals with her most recent appearance being having worked with famous singer May J. in the Japanese version of West Side Story.

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