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James Bond - No Time To Die Movie Review

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The fifth and final time Daniel Craig takes on the role of James Bond provides a long, but dignified conclusion.

The Bond films have always been full of technical gadgets, often provided by jack of all trades Q. An additional advantage for the producers was that the action series was an extremely suitable vehicle for suggestive or non-suggestive product placement. Secret Agent 007 is the ultimate advertising model for gadgets that have yet to hit the market. Then came corona, which caused the twenty-fifth Bond to be postponed several times. The solution to keep up to date with the times a year and a half later than planned was in digital adjustments and reshoots to update the mobile phones of a Finnish company, among other things.

We have now learned that reality and a pandemic are almost more terrifying than any human fantasy. The series never had to rely on credible plots, but the fifth and final film with Daniel Craig makes it very furious by introducing a nanovirus as the main plot element that was developed by the British secret service MI6. This Hercules virus is able to bind to specific DNA and thus act very selectively but effectively. You can be sure that 'the enemy' is willing to listen and that is exactly what happens when the laboratory where the virus was developed is blown up and the biologist responsible is kidnapped.

Bond, James Bond, is now retired and spends his time with his wife Madeleine, whom we already met in the mediocre predecessor Specter . James leads a secluded life in the breathtaking southern Italian Matera, which thanks to this film can prepare for whole hordes of tourists. When Bond wants to pay tribute to an old acquaintance, it turns out that his life is insecure. Not only does he distrust his wife, but he also has little choice but to comply with a request from the CIA to put his tuxedo back on. Meanwhile, a new 007 has been appointed in London and former boss M has little desire to instruct human resources to take James Bond back into the administration.

What has been clear since Casino Royale , already fifteen years old, is that Craig has given the character new impetus with his portrayal of the world's most famous secret agent. The chunky, somewhat grumpy actor managed to combine fearlessness and guts with an elegant form of sensitivity. Even though the Bond series may occasionally display a somewhat more modern view of the role of women, they no longer threw themselves indiscriminately at Bond's feet, but also managed to touch him on an emotional level. For a moment, this powerful, human element seems to have faded into the background in No Time to Die , but the writing team manages to bring it back to the fore at key moments.

The latest Bond starring Craig once again presents us with a variety of exotic and imaginative locations ranging from sunny southern Italy to snowy Norway and from Cuba and Jamaica to an island in the Japanese-Russian waters. What became clear from the disappointing Quantum of Solace is that the Bond films with Craig are more of a unit. We also see various actors re-enacting the same role and the mysterious organization Specter reappearing. Newcomer is villain Lyutsifer Safin who already appears in the prologue set in the past. Despite his difficult skin - Bond villains often have physical discomfort - he is not the ultimate villain who poses a lot of threat.

With Daniel Craig, James Bond has been renewed and put back on the map. The five parts in which he was allowed to make his appearance form a nicely rounded whole. In No Time to Die , at almost three hours the longest Bond film of the twenty-five, Craig shows that it is about more than just beautiful women that he drags into bed as disposable items and Aston Martins with the latest gadgets. This Bond has feeling, remorse and a conscience. The action scenes, especially those in Matera, are wonderfully over the top and a tad unbelievable as they should be.

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The ending will not leave many untouched, as it did in Skyfall. It should have taken a year and a half, but as Bond himself says: "we have all the time in the world", a nice bridge to Louis Armstrong's song for On Her Majesty's Secret Service . Moreover, we can now state with some certainty that every odd Bond film with Daniel Craig is a hit. Wondering who will take over. As far as Craig is concerned, not a woman - although Lashana Lynch scores highly - but hopefully a completely different type of actor. For new motivation.

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