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My 2021 Challenge


My 2021 Challenge - Testing my music making and songwriting skills with the goal to improve and grow as an artist.


2021 Challenge

In November 2019 I decided to challenge myself. I wanted to improve my music making, writing, mixing and mastering skills, so I set myself a very overwhelming goal to create and release one song a week for fifty-two weeks. I started off great, the sounds, the lyrics, the ideas, the motivation and the inspiration just seemed to come to me easy.

After the 8th week, I started to doubt myself, motivation dropped, inspiration went away and I struggled to even start my computer and load up Logic Pro. But I pushed and I got over the hump and made it to the 9th week and then I just completely plummeted and I gave up, I failed, I beat myself up and I stopped making music for about a month. At the time we went into the global lockdown and I managed to create and complete an EP, which then sparked my motivation again, but I was still done with weekly releases because I didn't believe in myself. July 6th, a day after lockdown restrictions were lifted and the airports opened and allowed flights to carry passengers, my fiancee and I, jumped on the first flight from Cardiff (Wales, UK) to Mallorca, where my fiancee is originally from, to reunite with her family and where we decided we were going to stay in Mallorca.

It is now December 26th, and I have my studio workspace set up and I am fully motivated, I have decided that I will re challenge myself, my goal is to release one song a week for fifty-two weeks in 2021.

My why is simply to grow and improve as a producer, songwriter and recording artist. This year, 2020, I released a total of sixteen songs and I aim to go the full length of releasing one song a week for fifty-two weeks in 2021.

Starting on January 1st, my challenge will commence!

If you're reading this and are interested with keeping up with the progress of this challenge, you can by subscribing to my Youtube Channel or follow me on Spotify.

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