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Jack Kirby Artwork



I'm an artist at heart, that is where my love of Animation comes from, its why I love comics, and films and television, they are all forms of art. One comic artist in particular whose art was just absolutely stellar was Jack Kirby, an absolute legend in the comic industry. It took me some time to come to his work, but I'm glad I have because it is absolutely incredible.


Fourth World

My all time favorite artwork of Jack Kirby is the Fourth World stuff, which he wanted to do similar characters at Marvel but was denied, so the Fourth World was created at DC Comics, which spawned Darkseid, Steppenwolf, and Granny Goodness among others. I love the lush, brightness of the artwork, the way the characters look are believable, they look like they are from another planet, and to me, that is very important in buying into the story.


Out of all the Kirby designs ever done, I think my all time favorite is Darkseid, I love the use of blues, and just the overall composition of the character, he has a comic look but still looks menacing. The knee high boots are an interesting choice, but it all works so well in creating what has become an iconic DC Comics villain.

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