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It's All About Woody Allen.

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It's All About Woody Allen.

Woody Allen: A Documentary (2012) tells that he began the journey of anxiety when he was six years old. Before he was six, Woody Allen was a beautiful child passionate about life and everything in it, but as soon as he was six years old, he learned the fact that all of us would eventually die.

This case was articulated in a scene of his famous film Annie Hall (1977). As a child, Woody Allen, sitting next to his mother in the psychiatrist's office, Woody's mother explains the crisis to the doctor and says that her son doesn't want to study and make it through school. The child says that he doesn't have to study, we all die, so why should we study? What good is study and success if death is the result?

In another scene of Hannah and Her Sisters, Allen tells his story to a girl. Allen states that one day, overwhelmed by intense sadness, he decides that, in a Godless universe, there is no reason to live. Alan grabbed the gun and pointed it at his brain, and then Allen thought, What if I was wrong? What if there really is a god?

But he did not content himself with the idea that "there may be" a God, whether he exists or not. A bullet fired from the rifle pierced the mirrors on the wall; Allen could not commit suicide but was so nervous that he unintentionally pulled the trigger.

Woody Allen was forced out of the house to think about what he had done, and what he wanted to do, quietly. Woody went to the movies, a selfloving place for him. Woody wanted to sit in the cinema to bring mental balance back to his world.

Woody Allen saw a film he had seen many times before, but suddenly felt that the film had caught his attention, and he felt that the idea of suicide was too stupid. Alan thought there might not be a god, but what if life was the only chance you had before death, don't you want to be part of the experience?

At the end of the scene, Allen says that there may be something at the end of life, answering, for example, the big questions on his mind or something. Alan knows very well that "maybe" is too grey to pin your whole life on, but it's the best we can do right now. Alan decided to stop asking questions and start enjoying life.

The idea of confusion and anxiety pervades his life even in his new films outside of his New York City.

In the 2008 film Vicky Christina Barcelona, in one of her monographs, Vicky talks about her fiance Doug, the boring regular doctor who does not look like Juan Antonio, the charming Spanish artist with whom she had a relationship before her marriage, saying that she is puzzled by whether her choice was right. Or was her marriage to Doug a mistake from the start? She feels stabilized with him, which is good, but she's bored too, and that makes her constantly confused.

And the model of Christina here, for example, is a daring, life-loving, adventurous girl with all her energy to try everything new. But her life isn't as stable as Vicky's, so she doesn't even know what she wants from life.

Despite her charisma, she felt she had no special talents, and even photography, which she began to regard as her own hobby, was not sure she wanted to professionalize photography as a career in life.

Even as her life began to improve, as a result of her relationship with Juan Antonio, Antonio's ex-wife entered the line and began her journey up and down after a very strange trio, Cristina decided to break up with them and return to America to continue searching for her talents and discover her life's passion and true meaning.

He is also known for his perplexity and concern about everything about the universe, religion and life in which he could not reach any particular point Woody Allen's experience as a director, writer and actor is that he is inclusive, but that his life has a lot that has elicited really strong reactions.

His films are indeed festival films of excellence, as he is not a window star because of the quality of his films, which are far from attractive love stories and action and adventures.


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