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It wasn’t that bad! 6/10 Watchable

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Triggered much!


Just wrote didn’t just watch!

Imagine waking up with a bomb on your chest and you can’t get it off? That’s terror. Triggered an ok film with a revenge plot that had me hooked from the beginning. There wasn’t much cringing but on the other hand I didn’t have a character favorite I did however have a character I hated. Triggered a typical predictable plot one that attempts to create character development around a group of people that has a history and a secret that will send them to their grave. As you’re figuring out why they’re in this predicament you begin to not feel any empathy towards them and start rooting for the vengeful act to win. The victim in this story died years ago and Justice was justly deserved. The film entertaining enough to keep you watching. Development of characters- meh. Acting ok you may cringe a few moments but nothing to make you exit stage left. Overall I gave it a 6 on the IMDB site. If you’re bored check it out it’s watchable.

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