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You'll Float Too


It chapter 2 picked up where one left off. After defeating pennywise in the sewers and banishing him for a long 27 years when the losers club makes there blood oath and swear to come back if pennywise was to ever return. 27 years later pennywise comes back, he is back to his ways again (killing people again in other words).

I believe it was a really good movie and it told a good theme that friendship is really important. I would rate this movie a 3.5/5 because the scary scenes were not as frighting as they were anticipated to be. Don't get me wrong I would recommend this movie for anyone 17 and up. It was a fantastic movie and it had really good humor to it. I thought the cast was brilliantly put together.

One character that I liked in the book and the movies was Richie, because of his witty humor and he knew his morals when it came down to running or staying and helping, but it was hard for him because he was scared, scared that his "secret" would come out. But i thought Bill Hater did a fantastic job with the character. In this movie the characters looked almost identical to there past one. I thought the director's view of this movie was incredible and spot on because it followed the book amazingly and was executed the movie effectively and efficiently. Michael Mitchell-3.5/5

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