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Is Talk TV's James Whale Correct?

Talk TV Presenter: James Whale.


Mr Controversial.

I have to be totally honest here I have never been a great fan of James Whale. His bad-natured, aggressive, rude, style of presenting is not my cup of tea. I often thought the guy was up himself as he presented late-night programmes in the 80s and 90s.

Now he is presenting shows on Talk TV and this week he is presenting an hourly show between 10 - 11 pm. On this show it seems Whale is restraining himself but he still gets angry at people on his phone-in show. Even more so as Whale between 10 - 11 has an even shorter window to cover whatever subject he sees fit.

However, it seems Whale's listening audience is going through the roof as they turn to his show in droves. Maybe, its because Whale speaks out against the so-called 'woke' media of the BBC and other news carriers. Night after night whether its this show or his shows with Brummie sidekick Ash people who want to hear a no-holds barred broadcaster are listening to him.

Whale is a Conservative and makes no apology for that. Indeed, it seems Talk TV like its right wing rival GB News is overtly Tory and in support of the Conservative party. Although these channels allegedly do allow other opinions from people that call in or guests the political narrative of these two broadcasters is by and large to the right.

Any way to the thread of this article: James Whale came up with an idea that many of these boat people crossing the English Channel could be a 'silent army'. A silent army of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, IS, etc, because most of them come from the Middle East. At first listening it is easy to think Whale has finally flipped his lid. However, as ridiculous as this conspiracy theory might sound has he got a point?

Al-Qaeda, IS, the Taliban, etc, do not possess the means to carry out a fullscale invasion of these shores with huge military forces. However, what they do possess is the population to come ashore in the UK and pretend to be fleeing wars, famines, etc. As Whale points out many of these people are undocumented when they are given sanctuary in the UK. Many of them are not just landing in Kent either. Many are landing in areas allegedly up and down our coast. And just melting away never to be seen again. In one case according to a caller to the James Whale Show a number of migrants landed on a beach and were then picked up by a truck.

Whale suggests that this army of migrants are alleged sleeper terrorists just waiting for an order to strike. Whale is always speaking out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and rightly so. However, Whale thinks that people crossing the channel are invaders. In his words, "they are breaking into our country illegally" which again in his words makes them "criminals". Whale is of course right and the patience of the UK public is wearing thin if callers to Whale's show are anything to go by.

While many UK people are exceptionally kind and hospitable a non-stop tide of humanity is wearing thin with many. As controversial as the Rwanda plan is to transport illegal migrants to the African country it seems it was and still could be a working solution. At the moment legal challenges to the policy have kept any flights full of migrants grounded. However, both Tory leadership candidates have committed to the Rwanda policy.

One must question the legality of sending people to such a backwater nation with a history of genocide and war. At the same time the UK cannot possibly keep taking hordes and hordes of people.

A new law has or will come into force to jail illegal migrants for up to 4 years in the UK. This will be enacted as a show of strength to show the government has got this. Will this law even put off the illegal migrants making the perilous journey to get here? Same could be said for the Rwanda plan if ever it is given chance to do its job.

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Immigration, migration, refugees, has always been a dividing issue in this nation. The UK this year has taken in 20,000 Syrians, Afghans, Hong Kongers, and now Ukrainians. Now with the unstoppable tide of humans crosssing the Channel migration is once again on the agenda. People living in Kent or other coastal areas see people coming in every day. Whether they are brought in by border force, coast guard ships, or land of their own accord. James Whale is right to say that unless this problem is addressed fully only the far-right will gain from this.

The Rwanda policy was adopted because Australia when facing tides of migrants did a similar thing. Australia with Papua New Guinea's agreement set up a holiding camp there. Migrants were held there either to be transported from whence they came or the chance to start a new life in PNG. The Royal Australian Navy was deployed and so with these twin track approaches the number of migrants coming stopped.

With a record number of people coming to these shores Prit Patel has yet again done a deal with the French. More UK tax payers money to be spent on beach patrols and surveillance. Enough money has been wasted upon this already and all to no or little affect. The French are quite happy to have these people leave their shores and head for the UK. As far as they are concerned out of sight is out of mind as long as they are rid of them. The law of the sea alleges that British vessels must pick up people on migrant boats and take them to Britain. Did the law of the sea stop the Australians from deploying warships and taking the correct action against migrants?

When we left the EU, the mantra was to control our borders. So we could make sure who was entering our borders, where they were from, and what was their business here?

That was mainly about EU citizens moving from Europe to settle and work in the UK known as 'freedom of movement'. This policy also benefited the British people as members of the EU if we wished to live and work there. People like Farage played holy hell about Europeans coming here and stealing our jobs, misusing our benefits system, NHS tourism, etc. When in actual fact most EU citizens that came here worked and paid into the economy. Besides most immigration even during the height of EU migration/immigration into the UK came from outside the EU. Mainly from Commonwealth countries such as Africa, the Carribean, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Canada, New Zealnd, etc. Now those chickens are coming home to roost as there is no one to pick our fruit, look after our elderly, in the care sector, hospitality sector, NHS, etc, etc.

Many Europeans have gone home because of the hostile atmosphere created by the likes of Farage, Boris, etc. Those that have stayed have gone on to get jobs in other sectors leaving gaping holes in the industries mentioned. EU migrants are still coming to the UK but not in the numbers they were. Now they are like every other person who wants to come here which has both good and bad connotations to it.

As James Whale says we need skilled people to fill those vacancies UK people either do not want to do, cannot do, etc. However, what is wrong is that people who have arrived in a safe country in Europe should stay in France which is the first country they came to. The word has gone out around the world that the UK is a tolerant, caring, generous nation, that welcomes all. While this is something to be proud of it is also proving to be our undoing and our Achille's heal.

Parts of the UK have changed forever with mass movements of foreign people to our shores. Drive through parts of Birmingham (that I know well) in the UK and you'll see what I mean. Places that were once, English, Christian, familiar, are like alien places from the Middle East or India, etc. How will our nation look in 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50, years? We are losing our culture folks and no one seems to care and it has been going on for years now.

When Whale says he has very real concerns about the UK's future is he a racist, an Islamaphobe, or is he correct to call this out? Your view on this will depend on your political, religious, social views and that is your choice. However, the fact remains the UK since leaving the EU is in a very perilous state. Migration is but one of the big worries our nation faces as it makes its way this century.

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