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A Review of the Second Disc of the Album "Garage Inc." by Metallica

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A Photo of the Metallica Band Members Back in 1986

Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Cliff Burton seen here in 1986.

Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Cliff Burton seen here in 1986.

Why Should We Analyze The Second Disc of Garage Inc?

Back in October 2018, I attempted to discuss which Metallica studio album was better between Death Magnetic released in 2008 compared to Master of Puppets which was released in 1986. Well, now we are going to take a different approach to this as we analyze and review the only CD by Metallica that I have not reviewed other than S & M. As was said earlier, Garage Inc. is a 2 CD set cover album in which Metallica performed songs by artists that influenced them. This second disc includes songs originally performed by artists such Diamond Head and Motorhead. Rather than continue on the path of discussing Death Magnetic and Master of Puppets, the decision has been made instead to review and analyze an album that some fans would just ignore or consider insignificant.

The Motivation Behind the Making of Garage Inc. As Explained by This Writer

This album was put together by Metallica to show a different side of themselves and I just think that Garage Inc. is a sort of tribute by Metallica to the artists and bands that influenced them. The second disc of cover songs on this album was recorded between 1987 and 1995 and offers a decent set of covers for those that truly appreciate what Metallica has done. On the first disc of this compilation album, those songs were recorded more recently in 1998 while the songs on the second disc go as far back as 1995 at the earliest.

Lars Ulrich's Perspective On the Album

Metallica has been a band that throughout their long career has toured extensively around the world starting with the “Black Album” in 1991 and they came out with what Lars Ulrich called “three serious albums in a row.” Well, there is nothing funny here especially on the second disc of this cover album. The approach was to cover other people's songs and then turn them into something else but the way I would say it is that Metallica did their own versions of these songs just like they did on the first disc of this cover album. Several of the songs on the second disc especially were taken from Metallica's singles. Am I Evil and Blitzkrieg were taken from B-sides on the Creeping Death single. They were later included on the re-issue of Metallica's debut album.

"The Small Hours"

This photo of an empty garage symbolizes a major part of the album's title. I look at these 2 CD''s as covers that were written while in a garage.

This photo of an empty garage symbolizes a major part of the album's title. I look at these 2 CD''s as covers that were written while in a garage.

"Garage Inc." Second Disc Review and Analysis

For those fans of Metallica that want to experience the play of Cliff Burton one more time on a Metallica album, this second disc is their chance. Fans can get the best of both worlds being able to hear both Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted making contributions on an album.

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The first five cover songs were recorded back in 1987. The two most memorable songs off of this second disc for me were Am I Evil and Blitzkrieg. Am I Evil is a Diamond Head song that is lyrically about what happens during witchcraft. There is a part of the riffing that sounds like Mercyful Fate. The memorable singing part by James Hetfield where he sings “Am I Evil?” is the most memorable for me. Then Blitzkrieg is a song that seems to come out of nowhere and the bass line can be heard as well. The late Cliff Burton does the bass guitar on the two mentioned songs that we discussed. “The Small Hours” has this slow, creepy kind of beginning as it builds up into a solid cover performance. “The Prince” is a fast song that tells the tale of a prince that has acted like anything but a prince. The middle of this song is its most melodic and it is memorable as well. Some of the band's most ardent fans may have the tendency to ignore this album but it is just an assumption on my part. Garage Inc. is an album in which Metallica took the time and effort to create versions of these songs and the sound is very much of the metal genre. The song "So What" even though it has some noticeable profanity in the lyrics it is a fun, high-energy song.

"Am I Evil"


Final Thoughts About Disc 2 of Garage Inc.

After two albums in which Metallica used a less heavy approach combining blues and other kinds of music, Garage Inc. is an album that allows fans to witness and hear what these guys covered in their earlier years and to see that Metallica along with Testament set a tradition of musical excellence that has lasted until today. Garage Inc. is not as good of an album as Testament's First Strike Still Deadly nor is it a greatest hits kind of album but it is just a performance of these songs done Metallica's way and there is no doubt that Cliff Burton had he lived to witness the full creation of this 2 CD set, he would have been very impressed.

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on October 31, 2018:

Thanks for leaving your comment here. I'd like to know some of your reasons why you prefer Master of Puppets over Death Magnetic. It is a tough call which album is better as both of them are great. Death Magnetic has a more modern sound to it as I mentioned in the article whereas Master of Puppets has more of that 1980's sound. It is good to know that you prefer Master of Puppets.

Michael Johnson45 on October 31, 2018:

Masters of Puppets is a way better Death Magnetic just my opinion!

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