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Is Matt Reeves' Batman Worth Watching?

I'm an analyzer when it comes to film. 2022's Batman was my newest review.

Robert Pattinson

Back in 2019, I thought it wasn't real. Robert Pattinson as the next Batman?! That's a huge role to fill! The last actor that starred as Batman in their solo film was Christian Bale. Excluding Will Arnett who voiced Lego Batman and Ben Affleck with his cameo in Suicide Squad and his role as Batman in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. This was a big step for the Twilight actor, being the next big actor to play the role as Batman in a solo film. And I have to say... he did a fantastic job.

Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves, the director of the film, was able to tell a Batman story like no one has seen before. Accompanied by amazing cinematography, crazy special effects, and great actors to fill the roles of iconic DC characters, this movie is a must see.

What is Reeves' Batman REALLY about?

When many of you hear "Batman", you probably think of a caped crusader fighting bad guys, he uncovers a major plot from an iconic super villain to take over the city and the hero foils this plan and emerges victorious. That is not what Reeves is trying to portray with this film. 2022's Batman is a detective noir story with a mystery to be solved through various plot twists and turns. While you do have Batman and Penguin and Catwoman in the movie, if you were to remove everything that IS Batman, you'd still have a movie with a plot and memorable characters.

Reeves has done something different

I've said, when I started classes at Full Sail University, that I wanted to create something that was different. Something new and unique with cinematography and drama that no one has seen before in film. I believe that Reeves has put together an interesting story with stunning visuals and added Batman to the mix.


In conclusion, 2022's Batman is not a typical Batman movie that you'd expect. Christopher Nolan had great Batman movies with Christian Bale as Batman, and I think Matt Reeves has started something great with this first of, hopefully, a collection of new generation of Batman films. I look forward to seeing what his next project will be.

© 2022 Adam Fierens

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