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Is Amber Rose Black or White? via Flickr via Flickr


People are fascinated by Amber Rose — her beauty, her relationships, and her race. She has been given somewhat of a racial ambiguity because a lot of us are confounded by her background.

Her relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, her bad girl ways, her motherhood, and now her new show -- The Amber Rose Show -- on VH1, have only served to heighten people's curiosity about her.

People want to know if she is black or white as much as they want to see how she looked when she had long hair or want to see the sexy outfits she has worn. So, is she black, white, or something else? Also, what is her nationality? Does she have Latin blood?

Her Ethnic Background: Nationalities

Amber Rose's background is made up of Irish, Italian, Portuguese, and Cape Verdean nationalities. Her official nationality is American because she was born in the United States. The Irish, Portuguese, and Italian give her a part European or white racial makeup. But what about the Cape Verdean side of her?

The People of Cape Verde

Almost 80% of Cape Verdeans are Mestizo, meaning they are mixed with both European and African blood. A large part of the European or white background of Cape Verde is Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.

About 20% of Cape Verdeans are primarily African or black by blood. Only about 1% are completely European.

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Want to Know More?

Amber Rose's background also contributed to her ability to make her own way from the mean streets of South Philadelphia, to exotic dancer, to Hollywood it-girl.

If you want to find out who she really is, you might want to check out her book with its expletive-laced title and provocative cover! In it, she details how she went about getting what she wanted in life and how every other woman can too! Just when we thought she was down and out from a split from Kanye West and a divorce from Wiz Khalifa, she comes roaring back! This is going to be one gritty, juicy page-turner.

Amber Rose puckering up for a kiss

Amber Rose puckering up for a kiss

Famous Black Marriage Poll

What is Black? What is White?

Black and white aren't scientific terms. They are loose labels created to quickly identify those of European or African descent.

These labels are coming more and more into question every day as the population of bi-racial people continues to increase, especially in countries like the United States and Canada.

Is She Black After All?

Amber Rose is part African or black by blood, as she has noted in the past. Considering the ethnic makeup of Cape Verde, this is not odd. She is also part white or European because of her Irish, Portuguese, and Italian blood. The latter two also mean Amber Rose has a Latin background.

Because of her mostly European looks people also do not tend to label her as a light-skinned black female.

In the end Amber Rose is bi-racial.


YouTube: Amber Rose Hot Bikini Compilation

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