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Irreparable Losses of South Indian Actress - Death Controversies from South Indian Film Industry

South Indian Actress

Those vibrant actresses who bid farewell to life while they were literally dazzling like stars at the peak of their career—we can remember them only with an unexplainable pain. Those who are passionate about film will always remember them, no matter whether they performed in the attires of of heroine, sex bombs or character roles.

For example, it’s been long thirteen years since Silk Smita, who left the youth of a whole time period in sheer goose bumps with her portrayal of sexy characters, left this world. 13 years before, on a September 27, she committed suicide. There are those who lost and knowingly dropped their lives while they were standing in the silver light of cinema. In the memory of Smita, let’s try to trace out some of those actresses who untimely lost their lives.

monisha unni

monisha unni


If Sobha were alive, she would have been one of the most outstanding actresses that India had ever seen. Her affair with her much senior colleague Balu Mahendra remained a topic of controversy and gossiping even after her death. Acclaimed director K.G. George came up with a film named “Lekhayude Maranam: Oru Flashback” based on Sobha’s untimely death. The film set off many controversies. 2009 May 1 marked the 29th death anniversary of Sobha. She became a glittering star in the Indian silver screen before turning 18; she left the world even quicker. She started her career when she was hardly four. She acted until she was 18. In these 14 years she gave life to unforgettable characters in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada language movies.

Monisha Unni:

This December, it was the 16th death anniversary of Monisha who made her entrance to Malayalam movie industry like a princess. She portrayed her talent in her very first movie itself. Monisha was born to Mr. Unni and Mrs. Sreedevi Unni, in 1971. Aleppey was her native. Her very first movie bagged the Urvasi award- the national award for the best actress. She was the youngest ever to receive this title. Monisha lost her life in Decemeber 1992, in a car accident. G.S. Vijayan’s “Cheppadividya” was her last movie.

Mayoori Hot Song

monal and simran

monal and simran

Divya Bharati:

Divya Bharati left this world on April 5, 1993. She fell off from a five-floored building. It’s still not clear if that was an accident or a planned murder. It was said that underworld connections were there behind her death. Divya made her debut in Bollywood in 1992 through the movie “Viswaathma”. She did around 14 movies that very year. She was just 19 while she died. Even though several investigations were done on her death, it was declared in 1998 that the case was difficult to prove.


Famous script writer K. S. Sathya Narayan’s daughter Saundarya passed away in a plane crash on April 17, 2004. The plane on which only four could board caught fire all of a sudden. Death possessed the beauty queen Saundarya while she was flying to Andhra Pradesh for BJP’s election campaigns.

Her brother and Kannada film producer Amarnath too lost his life in that plane crash. Saundarya became a familiar face to Malayalam audience through Sathyan Anthikkad’s blockbuster movie “Yathrakkarude Sredhakku”. Her beauty and performing talents fetched her fame all over Kannada, Tamil and Telugu movie domains.


Mayoori became popular in Malayalam through her character role in the serial “Sthree”. She committed suicide on June 16, 2005. She was hardly 22 then. In her death note to her brother, she mentioned that she lost faith in life.

Later reports confirmed that abdominal diseases vexed her in the last days. Her major movies include Kumbhakonam Gopalu, 7G Rainbow Colony, Manmathan, Whistle, Prempoojari, Chandamaama, Aakaashaganga, Arayannangalude Veedu etc.


amil, Telugu cine actress Monal committed suicide on April 14, 2002. She was renowned actress Simran’s sister too. Monal made her debut through the Tamil movie “Badri” in which she paired against super star Vijay. The movie turned out to be a mega hit. She did her last movie “Charlie Chaplin” with Prabhu. She believed and proved that she can excel in the industry without any favor from her sister Simran’s side. Monal never did any glamour roles like Simran. It still remains a mystery why she committed suicide.


Tamil- Telugu actress Prathyusha was found dead a few days before Monal’s death. She was found dead inside a car parked in front of a hotel in Hyderabad. Her boy friend Sidhartha Reddy too was inside the car, unconscious. The police took her death for a suicide. But post mortem reports revealed that it was a murder. Doctor Munuswamy who did the post mortem confirmed that she was raped and then strangled to death.

Prathyusha’s first movie was “Kadal Pookkal” by Bharathi Raja. She acted in a Vijayakanth movie too—“Thavasi”.

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“Rekthapushpam”, a movie directed by Sasikumar and produced by K. P. Kottarakkara, made the Malayalam audience notice the actress Vijayasri. She badly wanted to get rid of the images of an item girl and a sex bomb.

This explains why she acted in movies like “Swargaputhri”, “Jeevikkaan Marannupoya Sthree”, “Yauvanam”, “Adyathe Katha” etc. She committed suicide after earning name as a good actress. Her real name was Nazeema. She was casted against the ‘evergreen hero’ Prem Nazeer in many movies. “Post mane Kaanmaanilla”, “Ajnaathavaasam”, “Maravil Thirivu Sookshikkuka”, “Lankadahanam”, “Ponnapuram Kotta”, “Padmavyooham”, “Panchavadi”, “Aaromalunni”, “Sambhavami Yuge Yuge” etc. are some of the hit movies to the credit of Nazeer-Vijayasri pair.

This March marked the 35th death anniversary of Vijayasri. She committed suicide on March 17, due to reveal of her full body in nude during the shooting of Ponnapuram kotta Kuli scene .Her dress is removed Accidentally and camera man continue with shooting so her full body appears in Film and It become a hit in theatures

1974. She was known as the ‘Merlin Monro” of Malayalam. She did many glamor roles in Malayalam.

The untimely death of these actresses shook Malayalam film industry. They have no substitutes. Their thrones are left unoccupied forever.

Vijayasree on fire- Ponnapuram kotta


P vinod menon from India kerala palakkad on June 04, 2019:

Very sad that some had to pass away young even others-wish some were better adjusted to the world-anyway let them rest in peace.

fakrul alam on February 07, 2016:

I head read from a magazine about 20 years ago about a south indian actress, I can't remembering her name now who committed suicide and entered in prostitution fully to maintain her family(mother,sisters, brothers).She had become fedup about life and last night before killing herself she had spend night with customer who was a brick field owner.Anybody can tell her name?

LensMan999 (author) from Trans-Neptunian region on June 24, 2013:

Hi Deya and Gv Respect,

Thanks for finding time to leave comments on the hub.

Gv Respect Tk Respect on November 20, 2012:

Deya please respect might be the way earn the money is wrong but they are honest to their life ... please let them in peace they have enough shit when alive. Dear they too a human who has feelings if they gave importance to money they might have gone with some other guys rather than ending their life ....

Deya on May 04, 2012:

It's good death for this type of bad girls, off dress gir.. this type girls want money only, what they will be given good thinks for our country no. like silk..(you sould asame on you'r self same on you) This people need money only, this type roll models we don't need:-) we need ,our life model will be indra gandhi.

vaishu on April 14, 2012:

Hahaha merlin monroe ?

cinematters on March 13, 2012:

"Her real name was Nazeema."Could you please let me know from where you got that factoid about Vijayasree's original name being Nazeema? Vijaysree is her original name and she hailed from Manacaud, in Thrirubvanathapuram. And for god's sake couldn't you at least spell check on "Merlin Monro" ??????

chaitanya on January 15, 2012:

prathyusha is my all time favourite,i miss her..

v on December 24, 2011:

yah they did somuch of hardwork to reach that level but they are not here with us is so sad i pray the god to give peace in heaven. thank u for upload

SUN on November 02, 2011:


ram on August 11, 2011:

yah, u said it...

brennawelker on July 03, 2011:

Indian beauties are great!

ani. m on April 25, 2011:

thanks for uploading...

unni on April 18, 2011:

from this hub only i came to know that pratyusha one of my favorates during childhood is dead so sad... ,her cute smile made me attract towards her.

ani on March 21, 2011:

of course no one can raplace them..

ravikant on March 11, 2011:

thks fr making us remember those epitomes of glamour & glitz...surely no one can replace them...hope they rest in peace atleast after their tragic deaths...

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