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'Ip Man 3' Review

Action, martial arts, and sports movies aren't usually my favorite things to watch. But some are so fantastic, they need to be seen.

Ip Man 3 2015 #IpMan

Ip Man 3 2015 #IpMan

Quick Film Information 

Director: Wilson Yip.

Writer: Tai-lee Chan, Lai-Yin Leung, and Edmond Wong.

Starring: Donny Yen, Lynn Xiong, Jin Zhang, and Mike Tyson.

Released: Premiered in Hong Kong, December 2015. USA and Au January 2016.

Donny Yen stars as Ip Man in Ip Man 3

Donny Yen stars as Ip Man in Ip Man 3


Set in 1959, Ip Man lives in Hong Kong with his son and wife. Property developer Frank, played by Mike Tyson wants the land where the school currently sits. He will do anything in his power to take it. Ip Man's young son goes to the school so he must try and protect it from the thugs that keep on coming. When Ip Man's wife is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he is challenged for his title as Wing Chun Grandmaster.

Mike Tyson stars as Frank in Ip Man 3 #Ipman3

Mike Tyson stars as Frank in Ip Man 3 #Ipman3

How Was It?

Growing up, I was never really into superheroes. I didn’t mind the odd Spider-Man movie or even Wonder Woman as a kid. But I never really adored a hero as much as I do with Ip Man.

Perhaps my love for Ip Man is heavily influenced in part by Donny Yen. His gracious portrayal of the character and the tiny cheeky smirk underpins the amazing narrative. Both of these things seem to cause a tiny wave of glee when I see him combat the bad guys. All three films are put together in such a wholesome way. Sure there is plenty of violence, but moreover, the stories part way for lessons in humility, pride and being a hero in your own right.

The choreography is put together so that nearly always the intention is to cause the least harm possible. There are none of the usual oceans of blood pouring out of wounds or over the top gore in any of this trilogy of films. Despite the backdrop of Ip Man's wife becoming terminally ill, these films are generally feel-good films. I must admit though, this one left me feeling a little sad.

If you have watched the previous two films, you will have seen Ip Man's wife's contention. She always maintains her disappointment towards his bachelor-like Wing Chun lifestyle. His moments of glory and achievement are highly admired by her anyway. The love and adoration between the two over the course of the stories are always present, even when times are tough. Ip Man 3 brings this sentiment to the forefront and tells more about this love story all while throwing challenges which directly affect him in some way.

Ip Man is a Rockstar

This film delves right into the rockstar-like prestige audiences were first shown in the original film. People know his name and talk about how famous he is. Others refer to how lucky he is throughout the story-telling of this segment in the franchise.

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Seeing Mike Tyson did nothing to excite me here. Even though he is famed for many an action film, his performance leaves much to be desired. Tyson definitely looks the part though and, paves the way once again for a boxing vs martial arts epic fight scene. The match between Ip Man and Tyson as seen in this is by far my favorite out of all three films.

The central fight is between a rival group led by Frank. Frank wants to occupy the land where the current school sits. He enlists the assistance of a large group of thugs who begin their endeavor by beating up the headmaster. Wherever fights are won or lost Ip Man acquired additional allies and with it comes new enemies looking to knock him off his perch.

Final Thoughts

What I loved about this film is we see Ip Man as the protector. He protects his wife, his child, and others directly here and the scenes supporting this are done with finesse and a good dose of tension.

I do have to warn you because, oh gosh, the lump in my throat grew bigger at the sight of Ip Man finally learning to dance for his wife. For the first over the course of the films, his wife shines in first-place. She is more important than stature or his respectful standing in the community. Here, her residence as a second fiddle is thrown to the curb. What was saddest is, that like most grand gestures, his too is one that was too little, too late.

I give Ip Man III 3.5 Wing Chun's out of 5

Is This the End of the Trilogy?

Ip Man 4

Although this film was supposed to be the end of the trilogy, two more films will be released. One is the fourth installment— Ip Man 4. Ip Man 4 comes out early in 2019. This film will not only star Donny Yen once again but also Scott Adkins so I'm extremely excited about this one.

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

There is also a special legacy film picking up where the third film ends and splicing off into a story about Tin Chi. It has just completed and is called Master Z: Ip Man Legacy. Premiering at the Busan Film Festival in October the wide release will be available in December 2018.

Master Z will star Dave Baustista and Tony Jaa so plenty to be excited about there too.

Trailer for Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

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Movie Whisperer (author) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on December 04, 2018:

Thanks very much! I appreciate that.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Ip Man 4 and Master Z as well.

Such great films. Donny Yen is king

Zia Uddin from UK on December 04, 2018:

I can't believe I haven't seen this 3rd movie yet. I'm a big fan of martial art movies. Thanks for reminding me to watch IP Man 3. Great review by the way, thanks for sharing.

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