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Intro to Stray Kids

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Stray Kids was started on a 10-episode survival show of the same name, on Mnet. The reality show aired in 2017. The nine trainees went through different, possibly difficult, tasks during the show. They also had to prove their teamwork skills, and talents on their own in order to be able to debut as the group "Stray Kids".

During the show, JYP- the record label owner and Kpop star- decided to eliminate two members. These were Felix and Lee Know. Fortunately, though- Bang Chan, the group's leader- decided to bring the two back in. JYP gave them another chance to prove themselves.

Believe it or not, before the survival show- the music video "Hellevator" was teased and released in early October. The single itself, which was composed by 3Racha (Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin), was released on the first of November by the 9 members.


Stray Kids debuted in early 2018, with their album "I Am Not". "District 9" is the title track of the album. They debuted under the record label JYP, which they are still under to this day.

There were 9 members in their debut- Bang Chan, Felix, Hyunjin, Han, Lee Know, Seungmin, I.N., Changbin, and Woojin. However, a year after- in 2019- due to unfortunate circumstances, Woojin departed from the group. From then on, they continue their work as an 8 piece group.


The current members of Stray Kids are Bang Chan, Felix, Hyunjin, Han, I.N, Seungmin, Lee Know, and Changbin. All members sing, dance, and rap.

Bang Chan is the leader of the group. He was born in Sydney, Australia on October 3rd. His English name, and his birth name, is Christopher. In his 2010 audition video, he sang "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, and also played electric guitar. He started training at age 13. Chan trained for 7 years until he became the leader and oldest member of Stray Kids.

Lee Know - who's real name is Lee Minho- is the second oldest member. Minho was born on October 25, in Gimpo, South Korea. Lee Know's English name is Rhino. He trained for a year, and also was a backup dancer for BTS. He is one of the three main dancers for the group. Lee Know was unfortunately eliminated from the group in the Survival show, but was able to come back thanks to Bang Chan.

Seo Changbin (English name- Lewis) was born on August 11 in Bora-dong, Yongin-si, South Korea. He trained for two years before joining Stray Kids. He is a main rapper of the group, but like the other members- can dance and sing very well.

Hwang Hyunjin, aka Sam, trained for two years before joining Stray Kids. He was born on March 20, in Seoul, South Korea. He lived in Las Vegas from ages 6-7, which is where he first used the English name Sam. He is the tallest member, and aside from Stray Kids- he is a very talented artist (digitally and tradtionally- with paint and sketching).

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Han Jisung, mostly known as Han- was born on September 14. His English name is Peter, and he trained for three years. At a young age, the rapper/producer went to Malaysia and lived there for years. This resulted in his somewhat British accent when speaking English. He also plays guitar as one of his many musical talents.

Lee Felix, born on September 15 in Sydney, Australia- was given the Korean name "Yongbok" by his grandfather. It means "luck of dragon" or "dragon luck". Felix trained for a year to become a member. He is also the baker of the group, having his own recipes for brownies and chocolate cookies that can be easily found with an internet search. He struggled in the beginning with learning Korean, which was a reason why he was eliminated from the Survival show in the beginning. However, he put the effort in and was able to come back thanks to the leader- Chan.

Kim Seungmin's English name is Sky. He was born on September 22 in Seoul, South Korea. He trained for a year to join the group. A somewhat crazy incident that happened to his one-time apartment, was that a helicopter crashed into it. Thankfully he, and hopefully others, were not injured by the incident.

I.N., who's real name is Yang Jeongin- trained for two years to become a member of Stray Kids. Jeongin's English name is Bob. He is the youngest member of the group. He was born on February 8, in Busan, South Korea. Often, fans will use the nicknames "Baby Bread" and sometimes "Toast" for I.N.


Stray Kids' fanbase is called "Stay". The name was officially announced on August 11. This date is celebrated every year as "Stay Day". Two quotes are associated with the fandom name- and are used by both the members, and the fans. "You make Stray Kids Stay", and "Stray Kids made me Stay" are the two meaningful quotes that show how much the fanbase, and the 8 artists mean to each other.


Stray Kids came up with their own animal characters, and the first music video featuring these characters was released in 2020. Each animal represents a member of the group, and includes a portion of their name.

  • Wolf Chan, a wolf - Bang Chan
  • Lee Bit, a rabbit - Lee Know
  • Dwaekki, a rabbit/pig - Changbin
  • Jiniret, a ferret - Hyunjin
  • Quokka, a squirrel (or Quokka depending on who you ask) - Han
  • Bbokari, a chicken - Felix
  • PuppyM, a puppy - Seungmin
  • FoxI.N.y, a Fennec Fox - I.N.

Stray Kids - I Am Not (I Am Version)

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