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All About the Pop Music Song "Uza" the 28th Major Single Released by Japanese Girl Group Akb48

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The number 28 on this door symbolizing the 28th major single released by AKB48.

The number 28 on this door symbolizing the 28th major single released by AKB48.

Some basic information about a few of the versions of the song UZA

With so much attention being given to the release of AKB48’s 37th single called Kokoro no Placard, another single that they have released deserves attention as well. That single is called UZA. UZA is the 28th single released by popular idol group AKB48.

UZA was released on October 31, 2012. Here are the track details for the respective editions:

Regular edition CD track listing for the song UZA

  1. UZA
  2. Tsugi no Season
  3. Depending upon whether it is type A, B, or K, each one of these versions has an exclusive track. They are Kodoku na Hoshizora, Scrap & Build, and Seigi no Mikata Janai Hero.
  4. UZA (no vocals)
  5. Tsugi no Season (no vocals)
  6. It has the off vocal versions of the songs in track 3

Theater Edition CD track listing for UZA

  1. UZA
  2. Tsugi no Season
  3. Otona he no Michi
  4. UZA (no vocals)
  5. Tsugi no Season (karaoke version)
  6. Otona he no Michi (off vocal version)
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Facts about the 28th single UZA

  • The single was released in seven different versions. These include three regular editions that have a CD and DVD, three limited edition versions that have a CD and a DVD and then one theater edition that has just a CD.
  • When UZA was released, it sold a total of 1,215,079. In 2013, UZA sold over 48,000 copies. To date, the single has sold 1,263,148 not counting what it has sold in 2014. But that is still a pretty good number in terms of single sales for Japan’s most popular pop music group.
  • UZA is the second single released after the graduation of popular center, singer and actress Atsuko Maeda.
  • It is also the first single after the big Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle.
  • UZA is on AKB48’s 5th album called Tsugi no Ashiato. However, if we don’t count the two greatest hits albums released by AKB48, then it is the group’s 3rd album.
  • UZA means annoying.
  • The idea for the single was first thought up and announced by AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto on his Google+ account.
  • There was a live performance for the song at an event called the rock paper scissors tournament on September 18, 2012. The venue in which this event was held was the Nippon Budokan.

"UZA" Dance Version Music Video

What Happened During the Recording of the Song UZA?

Jurina Matsui and Mayu Watanabe were originally supposed to be the centers of this song but there was so much choreography involved for the song that Yuko Oshima was selected to replace Watanabe. Watanabe would eventually be the center for the single called So Long! A music video for UZA was released and it was directed by Joseph Kahn, the same person that directed the music video for the single Gingham Check. UZA has a kind of keyboard orchestrated sound in the beginning and it turns out to be a nice song that you can dance to. UZA is not one of the band’s best singles but it is still pretty decent. For singles that are really great, check out AKB48’s 32nd single called Koi suru Fortune Cookie.

"UZA" This Version Has No Vocals

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