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All About the Song Manatsu No Sounds Good! the 26th Major Single Released by Girl Group Akb48

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Introduction to the single "Manatsu no Sounds Good!"

Famous girl group AKB48 had released a total of 42 major singles as of 2015 and five albums. What follows was initially not a review of a single but the interesting facts and information about it. On that album, there is a song called Manatsu no Sounds Good! It is the 26th single released by AKB48 and it was released on May 23, 2012. The single has both a regular edition and a Theater Edition. The single also had tickets that fans were eligible to use at the 4th Senbatsu Election to vote. The centers for this single are Atsuko Maeda and Mayu Watanabe. For Manatsu no Sounds Good!, there are 36 girls known as the Senbatsu Girls who ended up getting into the top 36 spots in 2012. However, as we take a look back at Manatsu No Sounds Good in 2022, we will also discuss what the song is about in terms of the lyrics.

Manatsu No Sounds Good! Became an Award Winning Song

Manatsu no Sounds Good ended up doing very well in 2012, selling about 1, 820, 056 copies and to date, it has sold 1,822,220 copies. The English title for the song is Midsummer Sounds Good. It is the 13th song on the Theater Edition of Tsugi no Ashiato. The single received major recognition when it won two awards during the Billboard Japan Music Awards in 2012 and it also won a Grand Prix Award at the 54th Japan Record Awards. It seems that whatever material AKB48 puts out, that material gets recognized very quickly and they win over the fans in the process. I’m an AKB48 fan too even though I don’t live in Japan. Congratulations to AKB48 for being awarded for yet another single release.

"Manatsu no Sounds Good!"

Here are some Interesting Facts About the Song Manatsu no Sounds Good!

  • This is the last single to feature Atsuko Maeda as a member of AKB48.
  • This is also the first selection into the Senbatsu Girls for many of these members including Anna Iriyama, Rina Kawaei, Haruka Shimada, and Haruka Shimazaki. There are several other girls for which this was the single for their first selection into the Senbatsu Girls category.
  • This is the first single to have 36 Senbatsu Girls. The other singles had 16, 26, and 18 Senbatsu members.
  • This single represented the largest number of members in senbatsu from Team 4.
  • This was also the first single to feature a member from HKT48.
  • This single also had the largest number of members from the group SKE48 in the Senbatsu Girls category.

Favorite AKB48 single out of the following

Girl group SNH48 performs the single Manatsu no Sounds Good!

What Is the Song Manatsu No Sounds Good About?

And lastly, Manatsu No Sounds Good or Midsummer Sounds Good is a song that is about the fact that a girl who is really enjoying herself on the beach wants to take her relationship to the next level. There is a chant of the word “yes” much like the song Aitakatta back in 2006. Manatsu No Sounds Good is one of those upbeat, high energy songs and this was a great way for Atsuko Maeda to finish off her AKB48 career. As the girl is having so much fun at the beach and even the waves feel good, she is ready for love. She has come a long way from at first thinking that her ego was involved in her decision making but as time has passed by, she realizes that he is the right person for her.

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