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Inspector Gadget - "the Infiltration" Episode Review and Commentary

The Tower of London Which Symbolizes What "The Infiltration" Cartoon Episode Is About

In The Infiltration, the tower of London is the first thing that Inspector Gadget looks at. He really is proud of the history in the building.

In The Infiltration, the tower of London is the first thing that Inspector Gadget looks at. He really is proud of the history in the building.

What is the episode "The Infiltration" about?

The Infiltration is the 18th episode of the animated cartoon series Inspector Gadget. And it may be the best episode of the first season along with The Japanese Connection and Arabian Nights. The Infiltration sees the hero Gadget in England where he is assigned to track down Presto-Change-O, the person that has the power to disguise himself as any person that he wants to.

Why "The Infiltration" may be my favorite episode of the first season

This is probably my favorite episode of the first season because of the character Presto-Change-O and his skills and the fact that at the end of the episode when Dr. Claw finds out that he has been captured and says “Oh No!” That is a classic moment of the entire episode and it is one that lives on in the memory of those of us that grew up during that time period (1983).

"The Infiltration" is an Episode That Is Full of Investigation and Suspense

The beginning of the episode has Gadget, his niece Penny and their loyal dog Brain exploring London when Gadget is caught by two of Dr. Claw’s agents and dragged through the river where he is caged up and eventually they cut off the rope that was dragging him. Gadget sinks into the river and Presto-Change-O thinks that Gadget has been eliminated. However, when he sees that Gadget has survived, he immediately contacts Dr. Claw who tells him to get Gadget out of the building. When Presto-Change-O was discussing the secret plans to infiltrate Metro City’s Police Force and to stay ahead of their plans for a full year, they were confident that they would not be stopped. Presto-Change-O disguises himself as Dr. Claw, then as Gadget’s boss Chief Quimby. Meanwhile, Gadget is once again as usual mistaking his dog Brain as a M.A.D. agent and chasing him around. Penny is in the process of trying to find Dr. Claw’s main villain in this episode by using a device that takes pictures and then she can also hear the conversations of various people through the rooms in the building that she is in.

How is Presto-Change-O Discovered?

Unfortunately, she is arrested and mistaken for Presto-Change-O because Presto-Change-O himself is able to convince the police officer that this is the person that represents him. However, when the real Gadget tells the officer that he has found the real Presto-Change-O, Penny is released. Gadget chases Brain who then leads him down a hallway into a huge conference room. Chief Quimby sees the real Gadget as Gadget tries to go after the main villain. Presto-Change-O is arrested and Gadget is given credit for solving the case. In this episode, if it had not been for Brain’s clever moves, Gadget would likely have never solved the case. The Infiltration is one of three episodes in which Gadget goes to London.

"Why hasn't he called in? Something must have gone wrong. Oh no! Gadget, some day you'll pay for this!"

— Dr. Claw

Final Thoughts About the Episode "The Infiltration"

Later in the first season, Inspector Gadget would be sent to London again in the episode Unhenged. Overall, The Infiltration is an outstanding episode because of the suspense that it provides viewers.

"The Infiltration"

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