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Inspector Gadget - Review & Analysis of the Episode Called Arabian Nights and Why It Is so Great

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Our hero character Inspector Gadget reads his rule book in "Arabian Nights"

Inspector Gadget seen in this photo is reading his rule book after arriving in his next destination.

Inspector Gadget seen in this photo is reading his rule book after arriving in his next destination.

Arabian Nights takes place in a country that is like modern day Saudi Arabia

"Arabian Nights" is the 31st episode of the animated children’s cartoon. It is the follow-up episode to the great one called The Japanese Connection. This article will mainly try to show why Arabian Nights is such a great episode. It is a great episode not only for the fun factor but also because the episode takes place in a country similar to modern day Saudi Arabia. This is a country which would eventually become a major US ally. Saudi Arabia is known for its vast deserts, hot weather, and large oil supplies.

"Arabian Nights" was and still is one of those episodes that this writer enjoyed and still enjoys to this day. Some things never get old especially a classic cartoon such as this one.

What is the importance of the episode Arabian Nights?

Inspector Gadget is sent off to the country of Yetzanistan where he is supposed to protect a very important sword called the Sacred Scimitar. According to the laws of the country, whoever has possession of this sword will be crowned king. That’s what a young prince is trying to do. However, Dr. Claw sends Fast Abdul and his monkey to steal that sword so that Abdul will be crowned king. Dr. Claw will do anything that he can to get absolute power.

Episode summary: the sword gets stolen and Penny and the Prince think of a plan to reacquire the sword

The monkey eventually steals the sword and hides it. Penny reaches the palace and tells the prince that the Sacred Scimitar has been stolen. The prince is shocked that such a thing could happen. He opens the large door of the vault to see that the sword is gone. The prince knows that he cannot afford to lose his country so Penny and the prince try to devise a plan to make sure that Dr. Claw does not get his hands on that sword.

A screen image of Inspector Gadget's Niece Penny With the Prince

Penny (pictured at the left side of the photo) is attempting to explain to the Prince how they are going to carry out their plan.

Penny (pictured at the left side of the photo) is attempting to explain to the Prince how they are going to carry out their plan.

What happens in the rest of the episode?

Meanwhile, our hero Gadget gets lost in the desert because Dr. Claw demagnetizes his compass. Gadget gets a flat tire in the desert and begins to sweat. He has a hard time knowing what a real mirage is. He is helped out by his loyal dog Brain once again as he reaches the city. Fast Abdul tries several ways to eliminate Gadget such as sending a few agents after him when Gadget is in a beautiful room with many fine ladies. The music in this section is also very enchanting. This was my favorite part of the episode as a child! Gadget is offered lemonade but he refuses to drink it. That is funny because our main hero seems to have a fascination with lemonade. With the help of Brain, Gadget is taken to the coronation hall with the crowd nervously watching as the fate of the nation is up in the air. A battle ensues where the sword keeps switching hands from Fast Abdul to Brain. Eventually, the Sacred Scimitar ends up in the hands of the prince and he is crowned king! Gadget collapses due to exhaustion after he is congratulated by Chief Quimby. The episode also has a fantastic chase scene after Brain tries to run off with the sword.

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"Arabian Nights" Full Episode

What Is the Safety Tip In the Episode Arabian Nights?

And as usual, there are helpful tips offered at the end of each episode. In this one, Gadget (voiced by Don Adams) emphasizes the importance of adjusting the eating habits to cope with the heat of the desert.

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on February 14, 2017:

Is that all you can say? Some animated cartoons are classics and this is one of them that's why I write about it. If you don't like it don't read it plain and simple.

Skip Tack on February 13, 2017:

Like how old are you dude...grow up

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