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Inspector Gadget Episode Summary and Analysis: Did You Myth Me?

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A Photo of Inspector Gadget With Professor Musty In the Episode "Did You Myth Me?"

Inspector Gadget (voiced by Don Adams) stands here with Professor Musty, one of the helpful characters in the episode Did You Myth Me?

Inspector Gadget (voiced by Don Adams) stands here with Professor Musty, one of the helpful characters in the episode Did You Myth Me?

Brief Summary of the Episode "Did You Myth Me?"

In the animated cartoon series Inspector Gadget, the 49th episode called Did You Myth Me? is an important episode in the history of the series and that’s why it is worthy of a review. This episode takes place in Ancient Greece. Inspector Gadget, Penny, and their dog Brain are sent on a mission to prevent the agency called MAD from obtaining a powerful formula for turning lead into gold. You will see why this is so important and why Inspector Gadget must stop them. But of course, even though he gets the credit for solving every one of these cases, it is Penny and Brain who do the real investigative work.

Notable Characters In the Episode Did You Myth Me?

  • Dr. Daedalus - an evil scientist and second in command to Dr. Claw
  • The Minotaur robot
  • The Cyclops robot
  • Professor Musty - He is the chief historian at a museum on the island of Thermos.

Did You Myth Me? Episode Summary Part 1

As the episode begins, we see Dr. Claw in his castle speaking with Dr. Daedalus about the ancient formula that has been in hiding for over 2,500 years. This formula is actually made of marble and is hidden in a statue of the Medusa. Dr. Claw devises a plan to help the scientist and the two agents get past a security checkpoint. He is successful in doing so. Meanwhile, Penny, Brain, and Gadget are in a library in Metro City because Penny is doing a report on Ancient Greece and she needs sources. Gadget gets a call from Chief Quimby. The Chief is hiding this time in a book case. Gadget is instructed to meet up with Professor Musty so that he can do his investigation. Gadget is taken to a room and courtyard that are full of statues representing the various creatures in Greek Mythology. There is even a huge statue of Zeus, the king of the Gods. There is also a statue of Pegasus, the flying horse. Gadget laughs because he thinks the idea of having a flying horse is ridiculous. There are two agents that have been sent to try and eliminate Gadget. They climb on the ladder and lower a block of stone. Gadget is lucky because his gadgets malfunction and the spring is released, sending the stone block back towards the two agents. They fall down and send the flying horse through the air. The horse crashes into the Zeus statue, destroying the statue. Professor Musty is very upset because the statue was being prepared to be shown for the museum’s grand opening. The professor gets back to work as he attempts to fix the broken statue.

A Photo of Ancient Greece the Setting for the Episode Did You Myth Me?

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How This Episode Relates To What Happened In Real Life

Basically, MAD is trying to construct gold out of lead to finance their operations and make money. Penny, being as smart as she is, realizes that if these people are successful in making gold out of lead, this will undermine the world economy leading to an economic crash. That’s why it is important for Gadget to solve this case as quickly as possible. Another episode in the series that deals with the concept of smuggling gold out of the country is the episode called Smeldorado (Episode 54). This cartoon series was ahead of its time as the United States would eventually be sent into a financial crisis in 2008, many years after the end of this show. The creators of this cartoon could not have predicted what was going to happen but the fact that we even had an economic crisis is the scary part.

"Did You Myth Me?" Full Episode

Did You Myth Me? Episode Summary Part 2

Gadget enters what is a huge maze but he thinks that he went into a restaurant. The Minotaur robot chases Gadget into a corner and it looks like Gadget is trapped. Whether it happens by luck or chance, Gadget uses his water finger and the robot begins to self-destruct. The robot goes haywire, running through the maze and out of the wall and is totally destroyed. Gadget was looking for his cattle prod device to try and subdue the robot. Meanwhile, Dr. Daedalus is busy gathering the ingredients to turn a black bar of lead into gold. But before that, he goes into the building with many of the statues that I referred to earlier. He obtains that marble carving with the formula on it and gets very excited, seeing this as an opportunity to get rich. Gadget then sees a Cyclops approaching and thinks that this is one of the exhibits that will be shown the next day. He activates the helicopter to try and find the machine’s off switch. The agent controlling the Cyclops robot hits Gadget as Gadget falls to the ground. He is picked up by the Cyclops and as usual, it looks like our main hero is going to be eliminated. However, Brain comes to the rescue when he takes a barrel and pushes it against the rubber. The barrel flies through the air and hits the main unit of the robot, sending the robot and agent into the water. What would Gadget do without Brain’s help? He would be in big trouble that’s for sure. Penny is somehow able to enter the building where the agents are. She is able to grab the marble carving and he attempts to escape with it so those agents cannot complete their invention. However, as she attempts to take the elevator down, an agent detects her and attempts to capture her. However, it works out well for Penny as Dr. Daedalus realizes that Penny has the formula. She throws the marble carving onto the floor where it shatters into several pieces. The agents are able to find out what the last ingredient is. They plan their escape by converting the Trojan horse into a hovercraft. Penny is able to reverse their route and so they end up being returned to the shore as the hovercraft falls over. Dr. Daedalus ends up getting a black eye and when he sees that the bar of gold is broken in half, he believes that the formula is a fraud.


Meanwhile, Gadget is up in the air with Brain in handcuffs and wonders how they will get down. Brain uses one of the sharp horns on the statue disguise as Gadget falls right on top of the newly fixed Zeus statue. Professor Musty realizes it has been broken again and goes crazy with panic. The agents and scientist are captured, bringing the episode to an end. This is another one of those outstanding and interesting episodes and should be fun to watch always.

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