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Inspector Gadget Episode Review: "Health Spa"

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A Brief Comment About the Significance of the Episode

Health Spa is more than just the 6th episode of the famous animated cartoon series Inspector Gadget. It is also one of those episodes that tries to show viewers the importance of exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. It shows brilliance on part of the creators of the show that early on in the series, they created an episode with a health and fitness theme.

The Main Theme of Episode #6 With a Simple Title

In this episode, Inspector Gadget is seen jogging outside in Metro City as he tells himself that he should jog to work every morning. It turns out that Inspector Gadget has won a prize that allows him to spend a week at a health spa. At the same time, his boss Chief Quimby is looking into his file. Due to Inspector Gadget’s excellent work ethic (we will assume this is the case for the purposes of analyzing this episode), the Chief gives him some time off. His niece Penny however is extremely suspicious that her uncle has won a prize for a contest that he didn’t even enter. Her intuition proves to be correct as this “free” vacation is actually a sort of trap designed to try and eliminate Inspector Gadget.

Inspector Gadget Is Not Inside of an Ordinary Health Spa

What Inspector Gadget probably does not realize is that the health spa in this episode is no ordinary health spa. It is a facility that is located in a building that looks very old and run down. Even a few of the windows on the building are so old that there are pieces of wood nailed to them. Early on in this cartoon series, Dr. Claw is convinced that this time, the Inspector Gadget will not escape. In this facility, the activities director named Madame puts Inspector Gadget through a very rigorous workout routine to try and get rid of him. This routine includes putting the Inspector inside of a steam room and having Dr. Claw’s agents increase the temperature all the way to the maximum as well as forcing the Inspector to try and lift weights that are much too heavy for him to lift. Madame and the agents also lure Inspector Gadget into an exercise room that is actually designed like a sort of torture chamber. There is also a trampoline that actually opens up into an alligator pit. But thanks to the Gadget family dog Brain who is there to see what’s going on, he is able to save the Inspector just in time before he falls into the watery pit of alligators.

An Interesting Observation About "Health Spa" Episode #6

One thing that is very interesting about this episode that may not have been pointed out is how is it possible that the Inspector is able to quickly change from his workout clothes into the clothes that he is normally wearing when he is on duty as a police inspector? How is he able to change clothes so fast? He changes into his work clothes even before he enters the office of his boss. The creators of the show were perhaps able to make that happen very fast through animation technology but that’s my best guess.

Final rating for the episode Health Spa: 95 points out of 100

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Memorable Quotes from the episode “Health Spa”

“Is that somebody at the door?”

“No, no it’s nothing.”

Inspector Gadget and Agent Madame

“No, congratulations for finding the jewels Gadget. Even when you’re on vacation, you’re still on duty.”

“Chief, I’m always on duty.”

In this scene, Chief Quimby congratulates his top agent for finding the jewels that were stolen. He tells him that even when he is on vacation, he still manages to be on duty and get the job done.

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