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Insomnia is 8 Episodes of Action, Drama on Stan

A new series to watch? There are plenty of great series out there. Perhaps I can lead you towards a show you've never hear of.

Insomnia Poster

Insomnia Poster

I saw the trailer for Insomnia and got that excited tingle. The series begins looking strongly like a hybrid of 'Nerve', 'The Running Man' (1987), and 'Crank.' Then throw in a dash of Hostel and you got yourself a pretty enticing show. Yes, I was excited too.

What is Stan?

I recently got lured into renewing my Stan subscription. Over time, I've probably trialed and subscribed to a plethora of movie streaming sites. Some I switch on and off a month at a time and others I've never gone back to, but Stan is an Australian streaming site and from time to time they put up superb content. It's where I first watched the Wolf Creek series, for instance.

If you're not in Australia, have a VPN and can access Stan, I suggest you take a look, they have an awesome Horror section and a great collection of World cinema. In any case, once I flicked that 'pay' button I had to watch as many shows as I could. The show's distributor is Starz, so I'm sure it will end up on there eventually.

Official Story-line

Insomnia is an illegal game, a costly entertainment,
that is held once a year in an exclusive casino.
Where only rich and powerful play.

Bets have been placed - the game has begun.


Series Information

Released in April 2018.

Created by Slava N. Jakovleff and Ilya Kulikov..

Starring Alex Jay, Dylan Everett, Shaun Sipos, Pasha D. Lychnikoff and Ingeborga Dapkunaite.

Before it’s even ten minutes I decided this was a winning series and then I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. The opening sequence packs such a punch I couldn't believe my luck in finding such a great action-horror series while sneaking away to pack the piles of laundry away. But it’s not horror. It acts like it’s going to be but never really gets there.

Insomnia introduces a few rules for its contestants as it speeds its way along. Here are the ones I noted down.

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Ingeborga Dapkunaite & Slava N. Jakovleff star in Insomnia (2018)

Ingeborga Dapkunaite & Slava N. Jakovleff star in Insomnia (2018)

How Was It?

The series doesn't hide the fact that it's a human game-show for the rich as it's agenda. The writers decided to lay that part out on the table nice and early.

It begins with a group of 20 who are informed they have been selected by choice. All of them, wake to find themselves strapped to a chair and injected with a collection of interesting tools and liquids. When they are finally released into the main quadrant and given the rules of the game, sooner rather than later, the herd is thinned out through various action-sprinkled scenes.

Insomnia is the type of television series you mostly need to pay attention to. The details within its story line are intricate and well thought out. Everything described in this review is all exposed in the first episode so don't be alarmed if you think I've given the game away. I really haven't spoiled anything.

Of course, if this was a series that was suddenly extremely popular, everyone would have heard of it by now. It slowly starts to drag and unfortunately became quite predictable for a show which could have easily been something very special.

Insomnia is such a flourished mix of movies, series, and themes I like to watch set in Moscow. You really can't beat that Russian accent when you’re trying to figure out who the infiltrators are and who the double-crosser's are?

American's Filming in Moscow?

The show also brings with it a little bit of trivia by way of being the first foreign production company allowed access to Red Square in the past 20 years. Other film locations such as near the Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre, the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation, and the US Embassy in Moscow were also accessed by Welldone Production. Interestingly, it was also made with no CGI. Given that many scenes included explosions, car crashes, gunshots, and underwater scenes, makes some impressive film making.

Although I've finished it now, halfway through I just wanted to sit there all day and binge the entire season. Somehow though, that initial spark of thrilling action was stripped away. Some background cast by way of punters from the Richie Rich Club was slightly annoying and obnoxious and the good guy (Marina) was a little boring and not very hands on.

Overall, I liked Insomnia, but I didn't love it. The shock twist wasn't shocking enough but for the casual series viewer, this is one to be on the lookout for.

I give Insomnia 3.5 cool accents out of 5


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