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Indie Rock Single Review: "Go!" by Blue Mallee

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Blue Mallee’s Go! Begins with a metallic sounding acoustic guitar strumming along with a smooth tick of drums. The electric guitar jangles in over a richly woven chord background and the drums move in quick pulses under the strumming as Blue Mallee’s voice leaps out and soars, lifting over the energetic drums and tambourine.

The drums burst in, fade and burst in again as the electric guitar shines and sings over Blue Mallee’s strong vocals. There’s a purity to the song as the guitar cascades through.

Synthesized trumpeting notes flow in as the vocals return. A strummed, glowing guitar sings out and the full, trumpeting sound comes back in. Once again, the emotive vocals soar out and the song fades into silence

This is a song about reaching out for your full potential and not letting mundane obstacles get in the way. The narrator talks about working a dead end job when a woman comes in, asking for directions.

In the next line, she talks about seeing him “every morning, looking so sad.” In an inspirational moment she tells him, “Don’t you know if you explode you can blow them away in the morning, in the evening time.”

Like a muse, she reminds him that there’s “music…in your blood and poetry in your soul” and that with those qualities, he has no time to waste and that he should just “go!”

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As she continues, she talks about him standing around and “looking so dry.” She points out that he’s blind to what’s in front of him because he has that “bow wow boogie style in mind” and so he should get his “ass moving and stop wasting time.”

The narrator is told that he’s like a “kid holding onto your bottle” and an “ant trying to keep out of puddles.” The woman adds that unless he changes tack and embraces his creativity, he’ll be like a “car going at it full throttle, with nothing to show but a sinking tank.”

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