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Indie Folk Single Review: "Take Me Somewhere Into the Wind" by Blue Mallee

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Blue Mallee’s Take Me Somewhere Into the Wind comes to life as echoing strings move to establish a gentle pulse below his delicate, expressive voice. He expresses the words he’s written with emotion, over the drifting guitar.

This is a simple, stripped down arrangement that showcases the lyrical content of the song. There’s an aching feel to both Blue Mallee’s voice and the musical backing. The harmonica comes in to add its full, reedy voice that is poignant in the way only a harmonica can be.

This is a song full of strong imagery and well-crafted words that tells a story of friendship. As it begins, the narrator talks about being taken “somewhere into the wind” as a “page turns” inside his mind. Sometimes words ruin the moment as he explains in the line, “button your lips - your words are ramblin’” and points out that they only just arrived.

I am drawn to the imagery in the line that talks about the wind and “breathing it out, ebbing your ends.” Our narrator asks if the tide will move again and be his friend because “we only just got here.”

He speaks of spending “wasteful years-unbelieving” and as he was sidetracked his “cool breath - heaving.” I enjoy the imagery of the stars as they “fracture black sky” and the evocative idea of something outdated like “some cheesy, fungus type of mould.”

There’s energy and motion in the line that talks about the song’s subject as being like a “curling super jet chasing its tail.” He compares them to being like “an unpolished song” and urges them to “drop your opinions and take me somewhere into the wind, slowly turning again.”

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