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Indie Artists 2020 Spotlight!


At this year’s American Music Awards (2020), Rap artist Doja Cat won for “Artist of the Year”. What a rise for this young rapper from just two years ago after going viral for her “Moo” release that caught the attention of new followers, and the eye of the music industry.

From striving indie artist to mega pop star for Doja Cat, and Cardi B before her, and Nicki Minaj before them, is what all artists - or most - dream of.

Having worked so hard to figure out how you make your artistry relevant and seen in a world of music artists vying to do the same is the struggle. A struggle to be seen in a video age where more than ten thousand new music videos go up on YouTube daily.

Pretty daunting when you consider it, but also a great opportunity where an artist can literally create their own viability without having to have the major labels pour money into it to be seen or heard, at least initially.

But then, to be sure, with such saturation of music in this digital age, what does it take for an indie artist to make that breakthrough. That is the question where all of the terms that seem cliche, really and actually are quite true. Like “timing”, “luck”, “authentic” or “original” seem like intangibles for artists navigating their way to find a fan base and be heard.

And yet, we have seen some pretty amazing talent breakthrough, like the artists mentioned, or a Qveen Herby and H.E.R. just this past year.

So, I am doing my part as a Publicist to offer a few of those indie artists that I have had the pleasure to meet and begin to write their story as they present and seek their destiny in the world of professional music.

But truth be told, this is all really just an excuse to upload some music from several artists I think are pretty dope.

At years end, all of the professional music charts will reflect the songs that made it into the top 100 from some of our favorite artists, and there will be indie recognition as well from the mass independent artists out there that may not get the commercial recognition they deserve, but are deserving of the acknowledgement for the joy they each bring to the world of music.

Here then are my several artists that I think you will become fans of as well. If you agree with me, then I encourage you to follow them on social media and support them with a purchase of their music, and just as importantly, send them a shout-out to say you see them and love the vibe!

Music gives a soul to the universe."

— Plato

Doja Cat ~ From a Striving Indie Artist to a Star in 2020!

Doja Cat

Doja Cat


Industry & Trade Shout-Outs

I am sending all of the following artists to the various trades and music associations this shout-out with the hopes that they find their way onto bloggers and industry sites for artists to watch out for in 2021!

Amanda Holley


About Amanda

  • Amanda Holley ~ Feenin’
    Every generation of singers produces that singer with the voice of a muse that not only self inspires, but inspires the masses. Amanda Holley is such a singer.
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Mr. Act Now or Never

A.K.A., Mr. A.N.O.N.

A.K.A., Mr. A.N.O.N.


About Mr. A.N.O.N.

  • Mr. Act Now Or Never ~ A.N.O.N. Music
    He is a return to substance in an era of music which many say is catchy but hollow. Meet Mr Act Now Or Never (Mr A.N.O.N. or ANON), formerly Mr. Anonymous.

People haven't always been there for me, but music always has."

— Taylor Swift


About Benny, The Rapper from Down Under

  • Benny Sinclair ~ Nothing Comes Easy
    Benny Sinclair is going for the championship belt in music with a move to America, digitally anyway, and signing with Round 2 Music. The way he knows best how to win? Fight for it.

Brittany Nicole


About Brittany

  • Brittany Nicole’s Breakthrough
    R&B Singer Brittany Nicole’s highly anticipated debut album has finally arrived and it is aptly titled, “Breakthrough”. A labor of love for over a year that is an LP she is quite proud of.

Elvia Cadena


About Elvia



About Kimani

  • Introducing Kimani - 'So Gone'
    New Pop/Hip-Hop music sensation and actress, Kimani Edwards, loves to have a good time and bring her fans higher with her new music and single, 'Rider'!




Taylor Delores “LOTYS” Leake is a recording artist born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Newark, New Jersey. LOTYS has always been interested in the arts listening to artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Wu-Tang Clan, and Rick James. She aims to bridge her visuals and music to depict a compelling and inspiring narrative for her peers, youth, and generations to come. Just recently, she self-released her first single “Retrograde (Jam)”, along with a self-directed music video. She is currently performing at local spaces to showcase her work and is currently working on her first EP to be released this summer.

Samuel James

Samuel James

Good friend and fellow Round 2 Music artist, Elvia Cadena, sings the hook on Samuel’s “Happiness” single.

Good friend and fellow Round 2 Music artist, Elvia Cadena, sings the hook on Samuel’s “Happiness” single.

About Samuel & ‘Happiness’

  • "Happiness" ~ Diary Of A Song
    "Happiness" is the new song from Samuel James that features his good friend and label mate, Elvia Cadena. Both Samuel and Elvia are label mates on Round 2 Music label out of Riverside, CA. and they have a great message in this new release.

So, What Did You Think of These Artists? Be Sure And Leave a Comment Below. Happy Holidays!!



Robert Walker (author) from Los Angeles, CA. on December 21, 2020:

Hi Pam,

I just love Kimani. She is a dynamo talent that I hope breaks through in 2021!

Happy Holidays & Thank you!

Pam Morris from Atlanta Georgia on December 21, 2020:

Hello Rob, Thank you for sharing an Indie list of talented artists. Of them all, I enjoyed listening to Shoulder Werk by Kimani. After watching the video, I can see the girl is doing her thing.

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