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Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Review

Beginning of George Lucas’s second big movie franchise after the great Star Wars.


Beginning of George Lucas’s second big movie franchise after the great Star Wars

George Lucas came to fame with the production of his beloved Star Wars saga giving birth to his own Lucasfilms Limited, the Star Wars franchise also remained the backbone for all of George Lucas’s business success even up to this day and the Star Wars craze is still running wild amongst the die-hard fans. The original Star Wars trilogy was Lucas’s masterpiece and was such an immense success and made such an impact due to its unique galactic war theme, superbly presented in such an epic way that it generated a cult like following and set its own global trend and culture and influenced the whole television and film industry for all time.

Lucas became one of the most influential film-maker in the industry as George Lucas’s true genius as a producer, director, story writer and a complete film-maker was unleashed in his Star Wars film saga which had its far reaching and revolutionizing effect on the modern day new generation trend called the Pop-Culture.


George Lucas’s creatively perceptive mind was already filled with an idea for the likes of Indiana, when the two power-house film directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg discussed the idea it was bound to be a great product due to the creative genius of both Spielberg and Lucas combined. Harrison Ford the shining star from the original Star Wars trilogy played the notorious, cocky and boastful character of Han Solo was chosen to play the main protagonist for Indiana Jones movies, his characters in Lucas’s movies proved to be a huge success for Harrison Ford, and his acting career took a whole new turn, Harrison fit in perfectly for the characters of both Han Solo and the cowboy fashioned archaeologist hero Indiana Jones.


The first Indiana Jones film was the Raiders of the Lost Ark released in 1981 ,marks the beginning of another great movie franchise and an extra-ordinary fantasy adventure with its own iconic hero and a trademark background music signifying the character of Indiana Jones. The movie was a huge success and the top grossing movie of its year and was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won four of them which includes “Best Film Editing”, “Best Art Direction”, “Best Sound” and “Best Visual Effects”. The film features an archaeologist known as Indian Jones or simply Dr. Jones who happens to be a great adventurer on quests for rare artifacts.

Indiana got a charm in his personality quite evident from the fact that the female students in his archaeology class sessions were attentive towards him rather than his lectures on archaeology. Anyway with a spirit of adventure Indiana wearing his adventure gear, symbolic hat and wielding his whip goes on for the quest of the “Ark of the Covenant” before the Nazis can get their hands on which eventually sets on a great action packed adventure for the hero Indiana Jones.

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Indiana Jones an archaeologist is on a search for an artifact in an ancient temple, he finds the artifact which is a golden idol but loses it to his rival named Belloq, after being outnumbered he escapes the temple empty handed. Later after arriving at US he starts teaching archaeology. He meets two intelligence officers who informs him that his mentor is being sought by the dreaded Nazis for gaining some sort of supernatural weapon in order to strengthen their armies. Indiana being a keen archaeologist figures out that the Nazis are after the Ark of the Covenant while his mentor happens to possess the key for the artifact.


Indiana then sets on a quest for the Ark of the Covenant, he visits Nepal for his mentor but soon learns that he is dead but finds his daughter Marrion who also happens to be his lover and is in possession of the key. They get attacked by the Nazis but escapes, then Indiana sets on a journey for the Ark while Marrion also accompanies him.

They arrive in Cairo where Indiana meets his friend and sidekick Sallah and inquires regarding the Nazis and their motives. In a brief conflict the Nazis tries to kidnap Marrion, she is lost while Indiana along with Sallah using the key infiltrates through the Nazis to find the Well of Souls in which the Ark is hidden. He soon finds the Ark but gets interrupted by Belloq and the Nazis, soon Indiana and Marrion escapes from their clutches, and then pursues to recapture the Ark and he succeeds.


They leave Cairo on a boat but on the way gets interrupted by the Nazis again who takes the Ark along with Marrion to an island, Belloq wishes to test the Ark before presenting it to Adolf Hitler himself, Indiana intercepts with a rocket launcher but has to surrender. Both Marrion and Indiana Jones are tied up while Belloq performs the ceremonial invocation, soon spirits are summoned from the Ark.

Indiana being aware of the danger warns Marrion not to open her eyes and not to look at the opened up Ark they both kept their eyes shut while the Nazis and Belloq gets destroyed by the wrath of the Ark, after unleashing its wrath on those who dared to look upon it. Indiana Jones and Marrion survived while the Ark was taken in the custody by the US government.


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