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Indian Film Songs on Raag Mian ki Malhar of Hindustani Classical Music

Radhika is interested in learning various genres of Classical music. She enjoys the tune of songs mostly composed during olden periods.

The famous court singer of Mughal Empire, Tansen is associated with this raag, Mian ki Malhar. It is said that when he sang this raag, clouds turned grey and rain started pouring down. Mian ki Malhar raag can overwhelm the listener emotionally and the sharp, zig-zag pattern of the notes itself symbolizes the arrival of rain.

‘Malhar’ means 'God of rains', so any raag based on Malhar is for pleasing him. Mian ki Malhar can feature the emotion of longing or separation also. Pundit Bhim Sen Joshi’s immaculate presentation of raag Mian ki Malhar would definitely shake the rain god and would shower water upon the earth. His ravishing elaboration distinguishes it from others and makes it unique.

Some film songs have adopted the beauty of Mian ki Malhar and especially, Bollywood songs with a backdrop of rain have this tune. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Bole re papi hara

This classic song of Bollywood film Guddi in raag Mian ki Malhar portrays the love and longing of a blooming heart. The thirst for love and the urge to quench it has been lavishly expressed through this raga. The South Indian playback singer Vani Jayaram has perfected Mian ki Malhar in ‘bole re papi hara’ in her mellifluous voice.

Bole re papi hara

2. Na na na barse badal

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This emotional and sentimental song of Lata Mangeshkar is phenomenally composed by Sri Vasant Desai for the film 'Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan'. Here Mian ki Malhar raag is adopted for asking the clouds to stop downpour as the eyes itself are filled with tears. This evergreen melodious song “na na na barse badal” emphasizes on the fact that raag Mian ki Malhar can enunciate the feelings of a broken heart too.

Na na na barse baadal

3. Badal khumad bad aaye

The blend of the honeyed voice of Kavita Krishnamurthy and raag Mian ki Malhar makes this song reach high up the sky for rain shower. This classical song from a less popular Bollywood movie ‘Saaz’ brings the exact setting of dark clouds and thunder. The characteristic twisting weaves of raag Mian ki Malhar can be best heard in “badal khumad bad aaye” song.

Badal khumad bad aaye

4. Innenikku pottukuthan

This Malayalam song from the movie 'Guruvayur Kesavan' sung by the playback singer Madhuri portrays the realization of the desire of love. Each and every touch of this song characterizes this feeling through ornamentation. The Kerala temple backdrop with lamps lit, flourished paddies and the traditional umbrellas add to the beauty of this song where love is being disposed by God. This setting elevates the charm of raag Mia ki Malhar once again in the hearts of Indian Classical music fans.

Innenikku pottukuthan

5. Devi aathmaragamekan

This is another majestic Malayalam song from the movie “Njan Gandharvan” sung by Ganagandharvan K.J.Yesudas in the raag Mian ki Malhar. The starting humming tune itself reveals the raag and the love between two hearts is being delineated here. Under the music composition of Johnson, this song “devi aathmaragamekan” lives in the souls of all Malayalees with all the attributes of raag Mia ki Malhar.

Devi Aathmaragamekan

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