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Indian Standup Comedians You Might Not Want to Miss out On

I have been interested in standup comedies and jokes since my early teen years.

Comedy is not just a way of making people laugh but also making them feel like they are not the only ones dealing with daily life relatable issues. It gives them a sense of relaxation and relief.


1.Vir das

He is India's highest-selling stand-up comedian and actor. He has acted in the movies like Go Goa Gone and Delhi Belly. He is one of the most renowned Indian stand-up comedians worldwide. I always end up binge-watched his routines because of how thoughtful they truly are. He just does not just make you laugh but puts light on several issues that make us think again about the way we live.


2.Abhishek upmanyu

He is a very well known stand-up comedian when it comes to relatable situations in daily life. If you have watched any of his shows you surely might have ended up laughing your heads off.

Prominent words said by him

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"Toh mein kya karu job chhod du"


3.Kenny sebastian

Kenneth Mathew Sebastian is a Musician, filmmaker and standup comedian. He has his own way of owning up the stage, you will never feel disappointed after watching any of his routines.

I recommend you to watch:

Indians in america.



ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on July 08, 2021:

Tell me who your favourite standup comedian is?I would love to check them out.

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