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Indian Cinema Can Be Insane at Times

In general, Indian films have been divided into several categories. The first category includes songs associated with one hero introduction song, one sentiment song, one couple song, and finally climax songs. The second is a complex fighting scene between hero and villain in which they fight for their parents, community, siblings, friends, community, needy people, and so on. The third sends messages to the audience that can be acceptable or unacceptable, practical or impractical, significant or insignificant. These are the typical themes found in Indian films.


The Indian film industry considers itself to be a large business market such as,

  • Producer
  • Coproducer
  • Director
  • Main actors
  • Sub actors
  • Editors
  • Supporters
  • Singers,
  • Lyrics writers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Screen players
  • Comedian
  • Coordinator
  • Facilitators
  • Financer
  • Music directress
  • Approval committee
  • Sensor committee

These are the people who create and deliver the finished film for people to watch in theaters, on the internet, or on television. According to my opinion, Indian cinema sometimes drives people insane and addicted because a large fan community for specific actors follows the style and words of cinema heroes. Assume they believe the hero's words after seeing the movie and then try to implement them in their daily lives. Another issue is that the majority of politicians and party supporters are movie stars or have film backgrounds. However, the public voted to elect people from the film industry to rule the country. It appears that cinema can influence Indian political phenomena as well. However, the majority of the movies are really great and enjoyable, and they provide useful information and advice. Before becoming involved, people should consider identifying the truth and practicals of the film.

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