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Independent Music Review: "Whiskey 'N Honey" by Dar.Ra

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Dar.Ra’s Whiskey ’N Honey is energetic and full of interesting sonic moments. It kicks off with a quick flourish of drums before the guitar cuts in sharply, howling out over the drums that cascade under it. Dar.Ra’s voice is full of energy with a a drifting, floating quality to it over the guitar’s bright flashing. Dar.Ra pours a great deal of emotion into his vocals and the drums shudder and move under the shifting lines of guitar.

The track has a fragmentary feeling to it with quick flashes of guitar notes and slightly uneven drums. There’s a lost quality to the music that fits the lyrics. Layers of guitar add weight as they build up under the soaring lyrics.

The guitar solo has a melancholy ache to it, crying out with as much emotional intensity as Dar.Ra’s voice expresses and now that major guitar lick cuts in and out over the drum’s throb before the vocals return.

Pain, loss and the disintegration of a relationship are the themes that move through the lyrics to this song. The first line of the song sets the tone of loss as it says, “Have another drink, take some time to think then we'll say goodbye.” A story of a broken relationship unfolds in the words, “All these loaded games that we play leave us feeling cold with the dreams we sold” before the narrator says simply that he “can’t do this any more.”

In the chorus, the lyrics paint strong images in lines like, “whisky ’n honey, these crimson lips don't leave me feeing so heavy” and the narrator says that in this “neon paradise, I’ll drink you off my mind.”

The narrator is a man who is losing control of himself. As he says, “I hit the tables, never dream I’ll lose” and adds, “I shoot first then ask questions next. I'm this side of crazy, welcome to the edge.”

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Our narrator has reached the point where the only thing that seems real are his fantasies. He adds, “All these battles won, battles lost will lose their meaning in time” and that he didn’t want to stop the relationship but now he says, “only wanna drop bombs on this love.”

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