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Inculter, "Fatal Visions" Album Review

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About the Musical Style of Inculter

If you are a fan of 1980s thrash metal and you crave a Sepultura influenced thrash metal band, then Norway’s Inculter could be just the thing that you are looking for. If you enjoyed other Norwegian thrash metal bands like Tonic Breed and Shakma, then you should enjoy the work of Inculter. The album being analyzed is this band’s 2019 studio album Fatal Visions.

The First Two Songs Set the Tone for the Album

“Open the Tombs” is the song that starts off this album and the song builds up into a modern day Sepultura thrash metal tune. There is also this old school kind of feel in the album too. The speedy second track called “Impending Doom” is kind of like a more modern version of the band Helstar only just a touch faster.

"Impending Doom"

Basic Information and Personnel

Length: 34:25

Genre: thrash metal

Band Personnel for the album Fatal Visions

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  • Remi Andre Nygard: guitars and vocals
  • Cato Bakke: bass guitars
  • Lasse Udjus: guitars
  • Daniel Tveit: drums

This Album Isn't Known for Its Originality But It is Thrash Metal That Is Good Enough

“Shepard of Evil” starts off with a rather interesting exotic mid-paced riff that may in fact sound like Slayer. Then the song speeds up. Stylistically, you may also detect that there is a bit of the Florida death metal influence in here such as what the late Chuck Schuldiner created. The music on this album isn’t anything original or groundbreaking, rather the album is a good example of fast thrash metal done just right. Norway is not a total newcomer to the thrash metal scene and in terms of speed and making things interesting enough, Inculter do just enough right to keep you tuned in. “Through Relic Gates” is influenced by Seasons in the Abyss era Slayer. Fatal Visions is just long enough of an album to get a quick taste of good modern thrash metal and in less than 35 minutes the album is over. “Endtime Winds” is a song that sees the band slow things down while keeping their heavy riffing. This song sounds like it is influenced by Kreator and there’s actually nothing wrong with that. Then, the next section sees Inculter speed things up after that slower riffing section. It is better to say that for these Norwegians, thrash metal has begun!

"Open the Tombs"

Final Thoughts

“Towards the Unknown” is another one of those fast songs influenced mostly by Slayer while adding more of a modern feel to it. The title track in some respects has the feel of a song off of Judas Priest’s Painkiller album however, the aggression musically displayed on this album never lets up and what we basically see here is an album that is straight ahead head banging thrash metal material.

"Endtime Winds"

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