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'Incredibles 2': A Review


Anyone who is a fan of movies, or really entertainment of any kind, likes The Incredibles. It is an achievement in pretty much every facet, the story and characters were next level for a children's animated movie, The animation is still mind blowing 14 years later and was a technical achievement unmatched at the time and what has really helped The Incredibles reach masterpiece level over the years is the incredible attention to detail that still permeates r/moviedetails and the rest of the internet.

So when Incredibles 2 was announced, a lot of people had reservations, rightly so. We have become over saturated with massive sequels, often ones that are unnecessary money grabs and we all held our collective breaths, hoping Incredibles 2 would not fall to the same fate.

I won't make you read any further without letting you know that Incredibles 2 is great, like really great. Now you can turn that 2 year long held breath into a sigh of relief, because not only is Incredibles 2 a great movie, but for all the right reasons.

Incredibles 2 starts 3 months after the defeat of Syndrome and the events from the first movie. Super Heroes are still illegal and the Parr family finds themselves forced to don their Incredibles garb to fight Underminer, a burrowing baddie who is robbing a bank using some heavy duty drilling equipment.

After failing to catch Underminer, opting to derail the massive drill sent headed straight for a building full of innocent people, The Incredibles are arrested and told the damage they cause and insurance bill they accrue is not worth the crime they stop, and learn that the "super relocation" programing that keeps them working as "Supers" is being shut down.

This leaves the Parr's relocated to a motel and contemplating giving up being Super's for good. That is until old friend Frozone tells them that there is someone who is interested in trying to bring Super's back to the limelight. When Elastigirl is selected to be the poster child of this new wave of Super's rather than Mr. Incredible, roles are switched and it is Bob who must stay at home with the kids while Helen saves the world.

I wanted to get that far in my summary because Mr. Incredible taking care of the kids while Elastigirl re-vitalizes the trust in Super's is the real sticking point of the plot. The role reversal does not only juxtapose each of their beliefs about how to proceed being humans with super powers, in a world that does not want them.

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Writing in animated children's movies is, understandingly, not very good. They are aimed to please humans whose brains have not fully developed yet, and while there are some children's movies that do a great job of mixing a good message for the future leaders of the world in with a bunch of frankly hackey jokes, they are few and far between.

The Incredibles is one of those few and so is the sequel. The plot is simple, but complex enough to keep you interested even if the big twist is pretty plain to see. The dialogue and pacing are also top notch and there really are few if any cheap jokes in the entire movie. I would say this was the most impressive part of the movie for me but I would be lying....

...Because man oh man is the attention to detail off the charts in this movie. The way the Chinese food containers become saturated with MSG or the absolutely unnecessary but incredibly satisfying tire marks left from a motorcycle riding on top of a train does something to make this movie feel more alive than maybe any other animated movie I can remember.

I'm sure you would have to watch this movie 100 times over to catch half of the little things like this that the amazing animators at Pixar threw into Incredibles 2, which is one of my favorite things a movie can do. And halfway decent flick can entertain you on the first viewing, it is the real special ones that demand and get better upon multiple viewings.

With nearly everything about this movie being so great you would have no reason to think any differently about the voice cast. Nearly everyone in the family is back for the second go around and the new additions do a great job at adding something new to the formula.

Sarah Vowell brings her slightly annoying if not incredibly accurate deadpanish high school girl voice to Violet and Huck Milner takes the reins flawlessly of the troublemaker Dash. Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson are absolute professionals as well as Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener who join the cast this time around, and director Brad Bird returns voicing his iconic character.

The way I see it, Incredibles 2 is a perfect sequel. It expands on the original story without trying to make everything bigger the second time around, in fact it probably does the opposite. The characters are really explored and have a new layer added to them that we did not see in the first movie.

Incredibles 2 should satisfy both mega fans and casuals, the plot keeps almost anyone from any age group interested and the perfect mix of family and superhero life is somehow even more interesting this time around. Everyone making movies should take notes, not just on how to make a great sequel, but how to make a great movie, because the folks over there at Pixar making Incredibles movie seems to have it all figured out.

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