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Why Pixar Films Inspire Us

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.

We Are Overcomers

Sheriff woody never left town. Even when others came around He was never really envious. But one presented a challenge. That one seemed to take. To take his years long place. That owners name was tattooed. Under his and the new toys shoes. There was already marks of jealousy. That gesture increased the envy. But it wasn't enough to hate. Woody still covered the mistakes. Buzz fell aside of the house. & woody helped him out. But that gesture was misunderstood. The others didn't know the good. Woody was there in the midst. But he spent time trying to convince. Buzz that he was just a toy. He denied it until seeing a boy. Play with him one that looks like him. From then on, it was pretty dim. But woody got closer. He saw a more important. A more important need. He became the friend Buzz would need. They both became the favorite. They were a perfect fit within it. Adversity's always there. This film makes it pretty clear. The first set the tone. A tone that was never gone. The others were predictable. & they were all wonderful. All that happened in them all. Involved them seeing the greater cause. The new toys presented a challenge. In the end, they all overcame it.


We All Have a Mask

Jake Sulley of monstrosity. Is a giant that doesn't want to be. Doesn't want to be scaring for bucks. But where he works is giving no luck. No luck for him to leave. But once while he was scaring. A human child in her bed. But things changed when she left her bed. Left her bed and came to the city. Where monsters run rapidly. Not all scare for a living. But Jake couldn't afford quitting. He couldn't let them see her. To monster, humans were a danger. They were said to be toxic. But this child taught them a lesson. While teaching there were challenges. He and his friend kept the toxic. They kept her in much safety. With an intention on taking. Taking her to her rightful place. It was a risk they were willing to take. Just before they sent her home. The boss revealed a lot about his throne. So Jake finally did leave. The boss was caught up in greed. That child that he scared in bed. Won over his heart instead. Like Monstrosity, so is earth. Monsters constantly give birth. To other monsters that aren't bad. So be mindful that all have the mask.


Family is Incredible

A man with incredible powers. Was seen to bring much danger. So he was forced to be normal. But before it, he caused made trouble. One of them did not forget it. That he refused to let. Let him be apart of the team. So that guy grew up to be mean. Mean and get revenge. But that incredible man had a plan. A plan with a family. & a friend that presents a guarantee. To defeat the bad guy. It's a risk but they try. Despite the government lawsuits. & they offered a program to do. To relocate superhero's. That included Mr. Incredible. Others remained in secret. Because they'd suffer consequences. But this incredible family. Came together and saved their city. That mission didn't stop. That family stayed on top. & became known as a great family. Inspiring all to be great families.


We all Have A Purpose

Rookie Lightening McQueen. Always wanted to be seen. While racing with other cars. He seemed to be among the stars. But a tie made dimmed his shine. The race had to be done another time. A time on the west coast. So immediately he chose to go. Go towards the direction. But detoured and he ended. Ended up in a city. That was for a long time emptied. In that city, he caused trouble. As a response he struggled. Struggled to fix it. But in the midst, he befriended. He befriended the others in the city. But one of them just wasn't easy. That one recognized him. Because he knew the racer within him. Since he was a racer too. That was told he was through. McQueen gave the town another chance. & the racer was on the track again.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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