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Imran Khan Refuses to Resign

Imran Khan Won't Resign


Imran Khan Won't Resign

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has been reduced to a minority in parliament and is struggling to keep his job, refused to resign today, claiming that a foreign conspiracy is working against his administration. Mr Khan, who has essentially lost his majority in the 342-member National Assembly following the resignation of two key partners, adding that there are opponents within the country who are cooperating with them.
"We are hearing messages from some foreign nations... They say they will forgive Pakistan if Imran Khan leaves," he declared in an address to the nation today evening, amid speculation about backroom deals to dissolve the lower house between the premier and the joint opposition.

Instead of retiring or striking a settlement, Mr Khan, 69, stated that he would fight "till the last ball." He stated the "country's future will be decided" on Sunday, referring to the vote of confidence.

Mr Khan's Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) needs 172 votes out of 342 in the lower house to defeat the opposition's attempt to depose him. According to the opposition, it has the support of 175 lawmakers, and the Prime Minister should resign immediately.

Mr Khan will become the first Prime Minister in the country to be deposed by a no-confidence motion if he fails to show his majority in Sunday's vote.

Imran Khan claimed on national television today that there have been messages that "if they fail to unseat me, Pakistan will face grave conditions," referring to the conspiracy that he originally described three days ago.

"Three stooges are seated in this room, collaborating with foreign forces. They want Imran Khan to be deposed and replaced with this person, and then everything would be good "he stated "If you believe your plot will succeed, I want to assure you that I will fight you. They won't be able to accomplish anything, "he stated

"I pay my own costs, I live in my own houses, and I don't have any industries," he said, criticizing political rival Nawaz Sharif.

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There was also a veiled reference to one of the foreign powers that could be involved.

"People have said that we are US stooges. So many Pakistanis gave their life as a result of the war. Is there anyone who thanked us for that? If we don't support America, they'll turn on us like a wounded bear, we've been informed. We declared after 9/11 that if there was a terror attack in the United States, we should help them, but that wasn't our war to fight "he stated

"I chose to enter politics in order to realise our founders' goal," he stated. "Before entering politics, the majority of people were unknown. But that was not the case in my case. Everything was given to me... I would not have entered politics if Allah had not given me imaan (faith) "Added he.

No Pakistani Prime Minister has ever served for the entire five-year term. On the other side, no one has ever been removed from office due to a vote of no confidence. Mr Khan is the third Prime Minister to be confronted with the problem.

Imran Khan's Speech To Pakistan Highlights:

  1. Pakistan is at a "watershed point" in its history.
  2. God blessed me with everything—fame, fortune, and everything else. I don't require anything today; he has provided me with everything for which I am grateful. Pakistan is only 5 years my senior, and I am part of the country's first generation of post-independence citizens.
  3. I remember Pakistan climbing to the top when I was a kid. South Korean princes used to study with me at school, and Malaysian princes came to Pakistan to see how we progressed. Middle Eastern students used to visit our universities. I've seen it all come crashing down around me, and I've seen my country belittled.
  4. In both India and the United States, I had a large number of friends. I don't have any grudges against anyone. I simply oppose their policies.
  5. We were told that if we did not support the United States, they would turn on us like a wounded bear. We declared after 9/11 that if there was a terror attack in the United States, we should help them, but that wasn't our war to fight.
  6. People have claimed that we are US stooges. Did anyone thank us for the numerous Pakistanis who gave their lives? Is Shukriya, Pakistan, mentioned? So many people have died as a result of drone assaults, including 80 people who died in a madrasa attack.
  7. After becoming Prime Minister, I made the decision that our approach would not be anti-anyone. Our only beef with India stems from their violation of international law in Kashmir.
  8. We are receiving communications from a number of different countries. This is a betrayal of our people. People claim that if Imran Khan leaves, they will forgive Pakistan. However, it states that if they fail to remove me, Pakistan will face tough conditions. It claims that if Imran Khan continues Prime Minister, Pakistan's relations with them will deteriorate, and the country will face difficulties.
  9. Three stooges are seated in this room, collaborating with foreign forces. They want Imran Khan to be deposed and replaced with this person, and then everything will be OK. But do you want to be led by someone who has been charged with fraud?
  10. According to Barkha Dutt's book, Nawaz Sharif visited PM Modi in Nepal in a private meeting.
  11. We have always wanted an autonomous foreign policy, as I have stated. What is your credibility if you can't ask who is attacking your country?
  12. I have no grudges against anyone. My 22 crore people, on the other hand, are my top focus. So, Shehbaz Sharif claims I shouldn't have replied "absolutely not," but where were you when the country was attacked?
  13. Many people believe this document is a forgery. I showed it to the cabinet, the House of Commons, and senior journalists. There are more hazardous elements in it that I haven't warned you about.
  14. On Sunday, the country will decide whether or not to pursue a corrupt dictatorship.
  15. They say I destroyed the country, but I've only been in power for three years. I can argue that nothing I've done in the last 3.5 years has ever been accomplished.
  16. I'm not going to step down. I'll fight until the last ball is thrown. I'll wait and watch who sells their souls on that particular day.
  17. These people are selling themselves, the country, and the sovereignty of the country. People, on the other hand, will not forgive or forget. They'd never forget that you sold your country.
  18. If you believe your conspiracy will succeed, I want you to know that I will fight you. They are powerless to act. I pay my own bills, live in my own homes, and do not own any factories.
  19. Allah has given me the strength to fight, and I intend to do so. After a long fight, I've arrived here.

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