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Tru Tv's Old Impractical Joker, Brian Quinn (Q); the HOT one.

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Long Before He Was An Impractical Joker He Was Simply, Brian Quinn

Brian Quinn

Brian Quinn

Brian Quinn, Rough Around the Edges

Tru tv's Impractical Joker Brian Quinn is considered to be," rough around the edges," He possess, more than any of the other Jokers, Murr,Sal, and Joe; what many would call a "New York roughness", combined with the stereotypical ,New York accent, something he uses to his advantage in doing Impractical Jokers, yet he actually has excellent voice quality, and speaks in a positive, manner, which may come across as intimidating when he approaches on the streets of Staten island, but could easily work as a television announcer if he had such a desire. However, Brian Quinn is also getting attention from female Impractical Jokers viewers as, "the hot one" these days.

It is easy to see after viewing Quinn on the show that he is actually a big sweet guy with a great sense of humor, not to mention he is a very handsome man underneath the excess weight, overgrown hair and dirt. We can't wait for the Jokers return seasons.

Super Mario: In Honor of Q

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  • Impractical Jokers, Hilarious New Show on Tru Tv
    lol Tru Tv's Impractical Jokers,AKA Tenderloins,are hilarious in new york staten Island reality show. Four friends, Sal, joe murr, and Q use hidden camera to embarrass each other by saying humiliating things to strangers in public places,bakery, whit

The Impractical Jokers

Murr, Q, Joe, Sal

Murr, Q, Joe, Sal

A Sense Of Humor is So Irresistible and Brian Quinn Has Got It!

One of the most common things you will hear women say when asked what they find attractive in a man is a sense of humor, and the ability to make us laugh. Q has been seen at his best when doing his White Castle, Old English dialogue, his "cannoli" guy at a New York bakery, and his Jedi bouncer at a nightclub.

Even though Brian Quinn battles with a weight problem these days, girls adore him. Although he has what is considered to be a "New York toughness", he is obviously the softest of the four at heart. Being more easily embarrassed that the other three during presentations, as he cracks up and finds himself unable to smoothly continue his dialogue in the presence of two women, but has no problem calling an irate man "mustache" after the man told him not to call him mustache. He has his tough side, but his shy and thoughtful side seems to be equally as intense.

By the way, as many fans could easily see the Impractical Jokers antics as college drinking humor, it is interesting to note that Brain Quinn and Sal Volcano only drink Bourbon, real life room mates Joe Gatto and James Murray don't drink at all.

A Young Brian Quinn


Brian Quinn/ Really Hot

The "Hot" Brian Quinn


Brian Quinn in The Tenderloins


Impractical Jokers Brian Quinn in Catholic School


Is Q Hot?

Brian Quinn Before Impractical Jokers

Girl Thinks Brian Quinn of Impractical Jokers is Really Hot!

Classic Comedy


Meli on March 28, 2017:

Q is spook hot and sexy-he's perfect

Linz on December 13, 2016:

I love Brian Quinn so much and hot for his looks or fame I would love him no Matter what he is everything to me

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Cathy on November 04, 2016:

Hubby bye, bye. I want to do more than just kiss Q!

Madison on August 03, 2016:

I love Q. I want to meet him in person. I would leave my current boyfriend for just a night with him. Hahahha

lisa Stephenson on May 07, 2016:

Yes q is hot ,but I love them all , they definitely make you laugh ,

Amy Chavez on April 19, 2016:

Q is the hottest one I think he is so hot and wish I knew him personally

Denee on August 27, 2015:

OMG!!! Have been watching these guys for 1-1 & a half years and they are hilarious!! Am so glad there are others who are out there that agree w/me about Brian Quinn. He is so very hot and cute!!! He reminds me so much of my first boyfriend who was Italian/Sicilian. He's definitely a hottie!!! Hope these guys are on 4 a log time!

Sarah Jo Ponzio on June 05, 2015:

Well i just going to say that "Q" is not hot but so cute the why he really is and some people i know think that Sal is so hot . I like Q a lot not owning he is on Tv but the real him too. Girls we really do have a lot of guys we do like but owning one guy we really in our`s heart too.

cindi on October 29, 2013:

Joe Gatto is really funny! He is cute as well. They are all cute!

Agrees with MurrLover on August 30, 2013:

Murr is crazy hot!

MurrLover on February 20, 2013:

It's all about James. Murr is so adorable!

Skarlet (author) from California on February 03, 2013:

Thank you Zagwa. While these four have all become minor heart throbs, Q is the one the girls really go for. He is the favorite- hands down.

Zagwa on February 03, 2013:

Q is really hot, but I also think the other 3 are about the same.

Maconmad on September 06, 2012:

Love q

Pj fan on April 19, 2012:

I think they are all handsome.

Skarlet (author) from California on April 14, 2012:

Really? I have never heard anyone say that ariana. Joe is great, but when it comes to what girls say about these guys Its Q, #1, Sal #2, then Murr, and practically nothing about Joe. I am glad you like him:)

ariana on April 14, 2012:

q is not the hot one ... JOE man! Joe is foxy!!!

Skarlet (author) from California on April 13, 2012:

Thank you trishaxyz. He seems to be getting hotter. I have profiles of all four guys, and Q's popularity is more than twice as high than the other three, and most of it is from women who think he is hot.

trishaxyz on April 03, 2012:

definitely hot

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