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If Anime Characters Were Cocktails

A non-drinker with a drawing tablet that likes anime and writing.

Cocktails can be alcohol-free

Please do not be inspired by this hub to taste all those cocktails in one go. Some of them are not real anyway.

Some cocktails have their own personality. You recognize a White Russian and even associate this cocktail with The Dude and his chill attitude, don't you? Can't the cocktail have a personality? Let's associate some beautiful cocktails with some inspiring characters from animes.

I will update the list as I find new characters and recipes that have something in common.


Moon Prism Power Make Up!

Sailor Moon was born in 1992, so now Bunny is definitely old enough for a cocktail.

The cocktail is very "girlish-looking". It is the whole essence of Bunny — the romantic, the sympathizing, the brave. What is not girlish about both of those qualities? It's a perfect match!

Cosmopolitan also associates with urban life, so it perfectly fits a character from Tokyo. The most city-bred, quick, business-oriented, dense, with an active nightlife, unlimited offices of companies and office workers, endless students and tourists — all that in constant movement is all about Tokyo.

Have a look at those real-life and anime side-to-side pictures of Sailor Moon locations. When I searched the name of the district, I found this treasure. I imagine the sunset is the same color as the cocktail there, as it's reflecting in the massive glass skyscrapers. I should have spent more time in Tokyo when I could.


Yagami White and Light Russian

I have got an inkling that I got something mixed up in the heading. I cannot quite figure out what it is. Hopefully, you will correct me in the comments if you see something that is off.

Death Note is a dark thriller anime. Please watch it before googling about it. You do not want spoilers. I will not spoil it for you, so read on.

Yagami-Kun is the evilest protagonist I have faced so far. Maybe, it is because of him that this anime is prohibited in Russia. It would be a shame to associate him with a different cocktail after that.

The color palettes of the character and the cocktail are really similar. Yagami never takes off his cream-white collar shirt and always has this coffee liquor hair. So as White Russian comes with these ingredients.


Asuka-chan and Spritz-Aperol

Asuka-chan is yet another strong female character. Her popularity is understandable. Even people who have not yet watched Evangelion (like myself) can relate to Asuka's fans.

Intelligent, Educated, Rough, Tough, Pretty. What is not to like?

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I wish I was like her at the age of 14. I would write scientific hubs about important researches and findings. Not that I dislike writing about anime girls.

Spritz Aperol is a color match to Asuka-chan, but it is not as strong as she is. It kicks in the head really well though. Perhaps, this is the important point of comparison.

Look at this sad and hungry Pikachu!

Look at this sad and hungry Pikachu!

Yikes! Tapeworm Shot and Ash from Pokemon

Some people can drink extreme amounts of alcohol, and they just want to push the limit. This cocktail can make drinking even more extreme. There are videos of people trying this shot; they can explain the extremity of it better than I can.

Some characters can be extremely annoying. They do not grow, they do not learn, but they are the head characters, and you as viewers should follow them around for most of the anime, and it hurts almost physically. Ash is the least pleasant character of all classic anime characters.

The more I watched Pokemon as an adult, the more I believed that Ash should not be the main hero. What can he teach the little viewers? He lies to his friends; he is an irresponsible pet owner; he leaves his parents and doesn't care about them anymore. What a poor role model!

When I was searching for strange cocktails to pair it with Ash, I doubted not that Tapeworm shot fits perfectly.


For the Hungry ones

Gintama has no genre. Every episode of it is a revelation. Every character is so well developed and follows their own path so smoothly. We need more characters like the ones from Gintama. Look at Kagura-chan.

Kagura-chan is not sexualized, unlike most female characters in anime. She is a great role model and perfectly fits the universe of Gintama. It is famous for great female characters, so if you haven't watched it, it is a great time.

The Bloody Mary cocktail fits Kagura-chat perfectly. She is always hungry, so she can use this as a snack. Also, the girl belongs to a very militant race of humanoids, and so the bloody part is also a perfect match.


Nezuko-chan and Pink Lady cocktail

Even severely sexualized, Nezuko-chan defies the "pink lady" feminine. Oh, what a character!

I have not seen this many 'bulging veins of effort' on feminine characters as in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Nezuko-chan shows amazing masculine (primal, demonic) power while being a very cute young girl. I think associating her with this cocktail is a good option. It is a strong cocktail based on gin, but it looks like a pink cloud.

Personally, I very much dislike the anime because of the male protagonist. I cannot tolerate shounen anymore. These absolutely kind but humble boys are very annoying to me because there are just too many of them. Why arent there anime girls with bulging veins on their foreheads in every anime?

More coming soon...

This is not an exhaustive list of anime characters and mocktails. I shall update the list soon.

Please, drink responsibly and always consider a mocktail, too. You do not have to drink, even if everybody else around you does this. Watch anime instead.

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