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Indian Army Killed by Two Business Man in Srinagar army General says this man support with terrorist.


Killed by Two Civilian in Kashmir

KASHMIR : Indian Army killed by two Business man in Srinagar Srinagar army Confidential information this man is supported terrorist addressing a press conference Inspector General (Kashmir) Vijay Kumar said Altaf Ahmed Daw owner of a building on Hyderpora by pass, had provided three rooms on the top floor tp Dr Muddasir Gul who ran a real estate business. He (Gul) was runing a fake/ unauthorized call center from here .One of the rooms was being used as a militant hidcout he said According to the IGP police received impute alicrnon about the press of militant near Hyderpora by pass.

Some Kashmir people demanded if Altaf Ahmed given Religion in terrorist why not arrest ,and collected important information .but its not yet done direct General said His position is very danger we are hand no another option .and I will killed him .Altaf brother says I will never any relation in militant why killed him.I would demand its case is judicial inquiry.and at that time I accept it .if not is a conspiracy.and some people react this case is not a first time .because this terrorist only up coming in election ,how is possible .its a conspiracy because some time in the election other state,some politics hope this issue taken and play election in hindu/muslim vote

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