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I love Trolling the Type-Moon Fanbase, They Give Me Money!

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This fanbase is easier to troll than Star Wars Prequel Haters!

This fanbase is easier to troll than Star Wars Prequel Haters!

I Love Trolling the Type-Moon Fandom!

I love trolling Type-Moon fans. It’s way too easy. It’s sad when I can predict exactly how they’ll react to my articles; the fact that they prove the fanbase’s bad reputation is even more amusing.

They always use the visual novel as a criticism shield. They got so mad at me for writing that you don’t have to read the visual novel in order to experience.

The fact that they are so predictable makes me laugh a lot; I shouldn’t be able to predict fan reaction. I can’t help but get a kick out of these people.

I Love it when Type-Lunatics prove me Right:

My article was called a “dumpster fire”, but ALL my articles are featured on HubPages, I am regularly featured on many of their specialty sites where only the best articles are featured.

While I don’t always catch my typos, I go back and fix them, thanks, FedAki, you idiot, for clicking on my article and giving me free money! You people always raise up the VN as a shield, when the translation is plagued with crappy grammar and bad writing. All the anime adaptations have better writing and grammar than the visual novel.

Even Fate/Grand Order is not immune to translation issues, and it’s the official translation! It’s still better than the fan translation by Mirror Moon!

I also love that they tend to always get bent out of shape against any criticism. You don’t have to read the visual novel to understand the world of Fate/Stay night. All the adaptations explain enough on their own. I have never seen a fandom get so bent out of shape over the source material is exactly why I dislike this fandom.

Still, the fact that they get upset faster than Star Wars Prequel haters seeing Jar Jar Binks is hilarious. Especially when I get new writing material and ad revenue from it!

This wall of text isn't even finished yet, but thanks for the free money!

This wall of text isn't even finished yet, but thanks for the free money!

This Fanbase Keeps Deflecting Criticism of how they Act, by just bashing opinions They Don’t Like:

I just love upsetting these people, they won’t acknowledge their bad behavior, they just scream, “Read the visual novel, you Secondary idiots!”

One person on my Reddit thread said that the anime is slower than the visual novel for the Fate route, I’m sure I can’t read the entire Fate route in 10 hours, you’d have to be speed reading at a ridiculous rate to finish the entire route in that amount of time!

This fanbase is made up of immature idiots and I can’t wait for Heaven’s Feel to come out just to see all the whining and complaining about what gets cut from the longest route of the visual novel.

The fanbase so blinded by Visual Novel-itus, trying to shove it down everyone’s throats when people don’t have time, don’t want to jump through hoops or they’re just not interested in reading the visual novel, but they still try to shove their own views down other people’s throats.

Plus the never-ending circle jerk of Fate/Watch Order will continue forever. The visual novel will never get licensed and we’re all stuck with a bunch of snobby elitist jerks that beat you over the head with the visual novel.

This image is here purely to troll Studio DEEN haters!

This image is here purely to troll Studio DEEN haters!

They discriminate by calling fans who haven’t read their “Precious” visual novel “Secondaries”:

Yes, you read that right, Type-Moon fans actually discriminate against people who haven’t read the visual novel by calling them, “Secondaries”! Reading the source material does not make you a better fan, and the fact that fans act like it does is why they have a bad reputation in the first place!

The fans are too blind to see that they ARE terrible to other people, as long as you think the same way, experience Fate/Stay Night the same way, and kiss Ufotable’s butt, they love you.

They don’t take any kind of criticism and I love trolling them because this fanbase is doing nothing to improve their own reputation!

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People Mistake Complicated Universes for Depth!

This fanbase tries to act like the source material is so “mature”. The only thing that really made Fate/Stay Night “mature” was the H-scenes and those are gone from Realta Nua, yes I’m reading Realta Nua, you VN elitist jerks!

The Fate franchise has never been “mature”, it has “mature” as in “adult” content. But it’s a story about heroism and ideals, and if it was so mature, why does Fate/Stay NigWhiht: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) play out like a Shounen anime, with shounen characteristics? It’s a deconstruction of shounen characters.

The Nasuverse has “deep” lore, but it can also be very shallow, or Fate/Grand Order wouldn’t be known as a giant Waifu Gotcha.

Having complicated lore doesn’t make something deep, it just makes it complex.

I will Milk This Fanbase Like Fate/Grand Order Whales!

I thank Kinoko Nasu for creating the Nasuverse; I also thank the stupid elitist jerks of the fan dumb for giving me endless material to write about and utterly playing them for suckers in the process.

I can ride this fanbase like a pony since they are just as predictable as the Star Wars Prequel haters. They have a lot in common. They argue over watch order, they go nuts when you say something they don’t like, and they tend to go crazy when faced with any criticism about how they treat other people, or they conveniently ignore it and just talk about how you should experience a franchise, either Star Wars or Fate/Stay Night!

I will continue to write articles about Type-Moon, it’s atrocious fanbase and works from the Nasuverse. Just because I like Kinoko Nasu’s work doesn’t mean I have to like the fanbase. Unless they actually try to improve how they treat newcomers to the franchise I don’t think I ever will.

I will continue to play this predictable fanbase like a fiddle until either they wise up, or improve themselves as fans.

As another example of how this fanbase is always defensive, I present Fate/Zero: Adult casts aren’t good by default by Continuing World.

Avoid the fandom, they’re still the worst, Enjoy Fate/Stay Night by yourself, they aren’t worth interacting with, They're Easily upset by Criticism:

I never thought I’d make a follow-up article to Why I Hate the Fate/Stay Night Fandom Even Though I’m A Fan of the Franchise Itself, they made it too easy for me.

That they behave how they always have is pretty sad, because Type-Moon has wonderful stories, but the fanbase ruins it for other fans, and yes, I love trolling them, because they’re all so defensive about their “precious” visual novel and the “pretty colors” of Ufotable.

The fact that it is utterly effortless to troll these fans and they fall for it hook, line and sinker while behaving exactly how I expect them to is why they will give me new materials to roast them forever.

Their only defense for what I’ve said about Studio DEEN is “It’s a bad adaptation!” That’s your opinion; this isn’t like Tsukihime where even the directors said it was bad. Director Yuji Yamaguchi has never said he’s ashamed of his adaptations of Fate/Stay Night.

In fact, all the negative hype around Fate/Stay Night (2006) actually helps the anime, because the more people go in expecting the “worst anime ever” the more people tend to have the opposite reaction, they say that it was okay, good or they really like it.

This fanbase is so adamant that you only experience Fate/Stay Night “their way” or the “visual novel” way, just proves that their bad reputation isn’t unwarranted and that I took complete advantage of their overreaction is utterly amusing to me, since I easily predicted how they would behave.

Yep, I love trolling this fanbase, I can watch them be upset, and get free ad revenue in the process. It also helps that they leave giant walls of text defending their opinions while calling my writing “a dumpster fire”. They won’t address the heart of my article, which was how the Type-Moon fandom treats each other, but now, they have to scream, “visual novel is best, DEEN SUCKS!” like predictable parrots!

Now I’m going to get back to my other writing, but Type-Lunatics, do feel free to give me free ad revenue!

Fan translation and decisions regarding the Fate/Apocrypha anime adaptations are NOT the same thing, but you THINK they are!

Fan translation and decisions regarding the Fate/Apocrypha anime adaptations are NOT the same thing, but you THINK they are!

Fans Get Mad if You Call Them Out:

Type-Moon fans get so mad at me when I call them out for nitpicking things when we don't have officially licensed material that they are pulling from to make their arguments.

I got into an argument with a fan on Twitter because he equated the fan translation of the Fate/Apocrypha light novel with A-1 Pictures adaptation decisions. They are not the same thing.

A-1 Pictures made decisions to leave things out of the adaptation which is not the same thing.

A fan translation lacks the oversight of the original Japanese creators to make sure you the reader get the best translation possible. Fan translations are just people trying really hard to translate something. If you're such an expert in the Japanese language, you should be getting paid by an official company to translate Japanese works into English.

The fact that I can leave these fans tongue-tied because they just want to treat Type-Moon fan translations like they're perfect is hilarious.

I don't know why A-1 Pictures cut things from the anime, maybe they thought it wouldn’t help the story, maybe they couldn't fit it in due to time constraints. Maybe they'll add scenes that were missing from the adaptation like what Ufotable did with Fate/Stay Night: [Unlimited Blade Works] 2014.

I will not use a fan translation to critique the official translation because the professional translation is much better than the amateur translation.

He's making two completely different things, fan translations and adaptation decisions out to be the same thing and they aren't.

I love running circles around this fanbase, it's too easy!

Fans just Blindly Praise Ufotable and Won't Criticize Heaven's Feel!

Now that Heaven's Feel: Pressage Flower is out. I've seen nothing but blind praise of it. No one will dare criticize it, it also doesn't help that it didn't have a wide theatrical release so most of us will have to wait for the blu-ray.

People are too overhyped by Ufotable that they won't even address that, yes, the inner monologue for Shirou is gone. This won't bother people who read the VN because they remember what Shirou was thinking. This doesn't help the adaptation at all, and they give it a free pass because it's Ufotable! It's rather sad that the only route with regular, consistent inner monologue is now the Fate route that a lot of fans skip. But Ufotable gets away with this because the animation looks nice!

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Naomi Starlight from Illinois on September 30, 2020:

Whinging about your comments doesn't seem that mature. It's better to just ignore them.

The toxic fate stay night fanbase on June 22, 2020:

"the fans will nitpick and critize heavens feels!"

"There's been nothing but blind praise since heavens feels came out from that darn fate fanbase"


RinTohsaka on July 31, 2019:

Oh i agree a lot with your sentiments, i haven't really converse with other fsn fans but just from the reddit threads i don't planned to any time soon. Everyone on there swears by the visual novel and all recomend that's where to start, i have read both fate and ubw and part of heavens feel and that was a big feet for me personally because i have a lot of reading and comprehension issues. Its taken me six months to get this far. I have told my friend who express intrest in Fate not to read the visual novel first and only do so if your really interested in it and enjoy the animes of it. Its annoying when people scream "read the visual novel" when its a big task especially if you don't have any knowledge of it. Which i guess can be said about a lot of source material vs. Adaption. For me i like to know what I'm getting into and figuring out if its something i like well enough to really invest myself in it. But that's just me. The visual novel is fine and all but its also long and lengthy and a lot of info dumping which some people aren't into and that's totally understandable I'm not going to look down on you for it and neither should anyone else. I tried and fail to play Fate Grand Order so I'm clueless when it comes to it (mostly because i suck at mobile games) and instead youtube it but i dont think I'm any less of a fan of fgo then someone who has actually played it and I'm super hype for the Babylonia anime.

I liked the Deen anime a lot, it was how i got into Fate and made me love the characters. Plus i feel like the Fate route was lacking a lot in the first place (vn wise) since its pretty much the info route and relies so much on the other to answer the explain answers (for example Caster's master (who i won't name for spoilers) doesn't even show up and Caster only appears i believe twice and you only fine out more about her in the ubw route and she appears even more briefly in heavens feel which i feel like happens to a lot of characters thoughout the vn. So no the vn isn't the best of the best whem it comes down to it, its great dont get me wrong but it feels like people just hold it to high in regards sometimes.

Btw sorry for the super long post and inevitable spelling errors I'm running on little of four hours of sleep!

Mamerto Adan from Cabuyao on October 04, 2017:

And don't forget the fanboys of Evangelion series. I pissed off a lot of them after I shared my Hub on Facebook. Some even posted a comment on my hubpage article, though I have to delete one because it is non constructive! By the way, my hub is about how terrible the EVA units are. I made a lot of snowflakes cry and one hardcore fan blocked me on facebook. The result is an amazing profit! It generated more than a thousand reads which is already a big deal to me, considering that I'm a newbie.

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