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I Wonder, Are You Thinking About More Country Music Ballads of the 80's and 90's Too?


Tearing Up

In the midst of the Holidays, nice visits with great people, special gifts and memorable moments with those we love, can't forget about all of the tasty food which has been consumed.

Good food is always made better with butter and "like butter" is the voice of an Artist whose music I've shared previously and may again! He's that good, but gone too soon, at the ripe old age of 34. It still breaks my heart to this day, although we lost this amazing talent, back in 1989.

My husband and I had his greatest hits album and it played often. I am sure that our kids knew all of the words to all of the songs of his, whether they wanted to or not!

But, as stated before, great music withstands the test of time.

Keith lives on, in his music

A few more from him, including a duet with his wife, at the time, Lorrie Morgan and one written for her, the love of his short life!

'I Wonder Do You Think of Me' - Keith Whitley

'Til Each Tear You Cry Becomes A Rose' - Keith Whitley & Lorrie Morgan

'Tell Lorrie I Love Her' - Keith Whitley

I Wonder Do You Think Of Me

Til Each Tear You Cry Becomes a Rose

Tell Lorrie I Love Her

Coming Around

Another Artist cranking out the hits during this amazing era, was Mr. Vince Gill.

He has such a distinctive voice. You don't have to think about it for a minute, you just know, when he comes over the radio.

Sharing two of his big hits, which occasionally get played on Country radio, but not nearly enough!

I wish that this music was played more often, not just once a week on a Country Gold show or on some Decades of Music countdown...

'When I Call Your Name' - Vince Gill

'Whenever You Come Around' - Vince Gill

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Also, adding one by Travis Tritt, just because it seems to work here with these other two.

He too is from this gifted era and he too is gifted in the vocals department, deserving of a shout out.

Speaking of shouting out, is it just me or are the ladies shouting out during ballads at concerts, the most annoying of all women?

There I said it, please ladies, not before or during a Ballad, show some respect!

Go crazy, get loud - after it has ended.

Pet peeves

'Anymore' - Travis Tritt

When I Call Your Name

Whenever You Come Around


For the Ladies

Men dominated this era, but there were several women {besides Patty Loveless & Reba} who were killing it too.

Suzy Bogguss, for one, with the voice of an angel, always made it look so effortless, while managing to select and record such unique songs, perfect for her voice. The song selected is more up tempo yet ballady.

Mary Chapin Carpenter, a powerhouse in a small package, had several more up tempo hits and although the one I've selected is also up tempo, it has more of a ballad feel to me, as well.

K.T. Oslin, has passed on, but what a big, powerful voice this woman had. She had a style of her own, a look of her own and she could belt out a song with the best of them.

The song which I am including, makes me smile and tear up a little, all at the same time!

That's the power of stored memories, because time passes so quickly.

That's also the power - of music

K.T. & 80's Ladies will carry us on out of here and on through, until the next time, my country music ballad-loving, good music-appreciating, friends!

'Someday Soon' - Suzy Bogguss

'Never Had It So Good' - Mary Chapin Carpenter

'80's Ladies' - K.T. Oslin

Someday Soon

Never Had It So Good

80's Ladies

© 2022 Angie B Williams

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