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"I Only Date Black Women" Actor John Boyega Faces Massive Backlash After He Made this Statement

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First of all, why is this even news? It's news because some people think it's a major political statement to voice your dating preferences. Especially when you're a celebrity and especially when you're a Black celebrity.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, read on to find out why actor John Boyega is facing massive backlash as a result of his statement about the type of women he prefers to date.

British-Nigerian superstar actor John Boyega is facing backlash from people who are shocked that he made a simple statement. What was the statement?

The star of the critically acclaimed Woman King and Star Wars said that he only dates Black women.

Boyega made a statement about the fact that he only dates Black women on the Breakfast Club show recently and instead of shining a spotlight on the new movie Woman King which also features Viola Davis and Sheila Atim, netizens focused on the statement about his preference for Black women instead.

Some women are angry that he voiced his thoughts and also made it very clear that his preference for Black women is not a political statement, it's just a preference.

When he explained why he only dates Black women he went on to say:

"Well, it's just that Black women are fine as hell."He also went on to say:

"Melanin levels gotta be over 75%. Thickness gotta be there-style gotta be there..."

He basically gave a full rundown of the type of woman he prefers and some women on the Internet are going crazy about it.

"I Only Date Black Women"

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What did the Internet Say?

Some women are happy to see a young Black, famous and successful man admit that he prefers Black women because often successful Black men shun Black women for other races, which is fine because that's their preference.

I for one, don't focus on other people's relationships or preferences, I focus on my own however, it seems that the world is super interested in the type of woman that actors like John Boyega choose to date.

The truth is, Black women face discrimination and constant bashing based on the color of our skin. Therefore, it's refreshing to see someone like John Boyega sticking up for us for once.

After all, why should he apologize for making his preferences known? When all you need to do is scroll through TikTok and Instagram to find a slurry of Black men stating that they would "never" date a Black woman. Like we're the worst breed of human, please! We are all that and then some! I'm tired of some Black men bashing us based on their individual experiences.

I love this quote by Christa Eduafo:

"A Black man who unabashedly uplifts and loves the very thing-the very beautiful thing that every dark-skinned woman has been teased, disrespected or violated for at one point or another? That's a Black King right there!"

Some white women on social media seemed annoyed that he stated his preference. With some users saying:

"Who is he again?"

"I only date men who wear purple shirts" and other condescending and quite frankly, rude comments.

The Telegraph in the UK published an article where they said that :"John Boyega's 'I only date black women' stance exposes the elite's hypocrisy on race."

When you think about it closely, why do white people have the right to even have an opinion about the type of person a Black man chooses to date. Why does anyone really need to be concerned with that?

I applaud John for being himself. He doesn't have to pretend or sugarcoat anything, he is a strong, successful, Black, young man and he deserves to have a voice. An honest voice at that.

Growing up, I faced racial abuse every day. I was teased for my coarse hair, my thick legs, my thick lips and everything else related to my blackness. Eventually, I grew tired and began to fight back.

I had White boys treat me like an animal, like I didn't deserve a place on this Earth. So, when Black men like John Boyega stand up for us Black women, it makes me smile.

Thank you, John. You are a real King!

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