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I Love The BBC

I love watching the BBC.

I love watching the BBC.

During my teenage years I became mesmerized with programming on the BBC, whether it be the news, documentaries, or entertaining British comedies. Many of my friends would scowl and say they did not get British humor, but I would just smile and say that is the entire point. American comedies can be very cliche, and I prefer watching something different after hours of generic sitcoms on network TV. I enjoyed watching Monty Python and Absolutely Fabulous when I was in high school, even if my friends did not appreciate my interest in these programs. I used to look forward to watching BBC documentaries that were recycled on The Learning Channel back in the early 1990s, such as the program Connections. That was back when TLC actually had educational programming. During this time I was always reading novels and historical texts by British authors, so BBC programs helped these books to come alive. Yes, I could imagine someone reading the text in a British accent because I like to act out books in my mind that way. The BBC helped to give me a much rounder education and broader worldview than if I had just relied on the textbooks in school. Thankfully, I also had couple of really good high school history teachers that had traveled widely and would show BBC documentaries, so as a young student I was constantly being exposed to a viewpoints beyond the North American one.

The BBC News Is More Objective

For the last two decades I have also been reading the the BBC website to update myself on the news. Whenever I read the CNN or MSNBC news websites I rarely hear the other side of the story, especially when it pertains to how the world is reacting to American elections, so I prefer to get all sides on the BBC website. We live in a globally interconnected society and the best way to see how the world is responding to different events is by reading the BBC website for news. Sometimes CNN and MSNBC do not go as much into as much depth about world events as I would like, which is where the BBC can fill in the gaps. I read political hubs here on HubPages and blogs on other sites, but some of these tend to be negative or penned exclusively so readers adopt the writer's viewpoint. Thus, it is most conducive to skip these and go to the BBC website instead. The BBC has a clean and user friendly website that is inviting and easy to navigate.

BBC America Brings Great Series To My Home

Maybe I am behind the times, but it has been a very long time since an American TV series has captured my interest. When Seinfeld went off the air I pretty much lost interest in network TV, but then I was delighted to find Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Thus, I used to enjoy HBO series such as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Sex in the City, but overall I rarely watch the network stations and have no clue what people are talking about when they are discussing the new episode of must see TV. I cannot help it, but I like what I like, and often this does not go with the flow.

I really do not watch TV that often, but occasionally I enjoy watching a humorous British series, and thanks to BBC America I can see these quite frequently. The British series The Office was just so clever unlike the American spin-off, and the same goes with Coupling and pretty much all of the original British series, which just never translate well onto American television. My all time favorite British comedy was Absolutely Fabulous because it was so twisted and odd, which is what made it very amusing. My favorite character was Saffy because she was really the only normal person on this show as university student basically taking care of her overgrown and misbehaving mum. What American series could pull this off without making it look cartoonish? So here is my bias in the light of day, and yes, I enjoy watching BBC series and reading my news on the BBC website.

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