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I Hate MCU Spider-Man or Iron Boy Jr. Part 2: And I Hate the Rest of Disney and Sony Too

It may be about the amazing Spider-Man movies but it still holds true here.

It may be about the amazing Spider-Man movies but it still holds true here.

In this movie franchise Spider-Man Homewrecker, and (Fake)Spider-Man goes to Europe, they desperately want to appease to SJWs and appear PC friendly by replacing most of Spider-Man's supporting cast with minorities to try and make more money and get better reviews from PC-tards. Ned was a white guy with blonde hair who was murdered by Spider-Man's enemies in the comics helping to define Spider-Man just like his uncle Ben's death did. Flash was a big blonde jock who picked on Peter before he got his powers and then realized after meeting Spider-Man, who saved him from being killed and he learned he should stop being a jerk and be more like his hero Spider-Man. He then enlisted in the military fought valiantly suffered an injury and he got both his legs blown off in service of his country he's an American war-hero, not a tiny Indian boy who is not in the least bit believable as a threatening bully, or a war hero or later superhero.

Mary Jane the redhead wife of Peter Parker, is also now black even though Kevin Fugly says shes a new character, as are most of the so-called "Spider-Man" supporting characters in this movie. Whom all have their skin color changed just to appease the people who think minorities aren't represented equally in comic books who don't even read comics and think everything white needs more diversity but won't complain about a lack of diversity if a movie is wholly Black Latino or Asian. Why people want to ruin a work a fiction with forced diversity to cheapen existing characters instead of creating new ones is beyond me, get a life, and stop trying to ruin marvel, you morons.

Also, having Iron Man and including all the marvel movie lore in this movie didn't let it be its own movie, it had to include so many cameos from other Marvel characters just let a Spider-Man story being a Spider-man story the only characters that fit into a Spider-Man story are his friends daredevil and Johnny storm the human torch who help him when facing dangerous foes. But it should still be a Spider-Man story, not a marvel universe story just let a Spider-Man movie be about Spider-Man.

The villain is not as good as the reviewers say he's quite boring and Michael Keaton's acting is the only good thing about this two-dimensional character. Tom Holland acts like a cool skater dude again saying he's too cool for school Peter Parker is a nerd being Spider-Man didn't change that he has a genius-level intellect he wouldn't waste it unlike in this film. This peter parker is just like the one in the amazing Spider-Man movies which sucked, but now it's okay because it's in the marvel universe canon which is hypocritical and moronic.

Sony has had their chance with Spider-Man their meddling ruined Spider-Man 3 and the following reboots but now all a sudden people love this movie and say it's an accurate representation of Spider-Man in the comics. To which I say bull, Spider-Man has always been defined by his supporting cast from his love interests, uncle Ben aunt may his dead parents, his friends, his bullies turned friends, and his villains and all the rest of them in this movie are made into garbage boring token characters or just boring, made just to appeal to modern idiots. They also ruined Dr.Strange I mean the animated movie by Lionsgate with a much smaller budget was ten times better as were many pre-Disney Marvel films and TV shows. In short, Disney and modern Sony suck and they ruin comics graphic novels and everything else they can get their grubby little hands on including Star Wars and all of 20th Century Fox's films. And Sony does much the same with beloved franchises like Ghostbusters.

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