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I Blame Society (2020) Movie Review

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The blood matches the skirt.

The blood matches the skirt.

Running Time

84 minutes

MPAA Rating



Gillian Wallace Horvat


Gillian Wallace Horvat and Chase Williamson

The new horror meta comedy satire mockumentary sort of found footage satire meta POV hand held break-the-4th-wall horror documentary fictional but based in fact lost footage satire comedy horror movie that’s on your television I Blame Society asks the question, “What would you do to reach your dreams?”


Trailer image matches the onesheet.

I Blame Synopsis

Filmmaker Gillian Horvat (Gillian Wallace Horvat) is at a crossroads at her life. She’s a filmmaker, but as of yet she hasn’t really done anything. None of her scripts have been sold and her career is treading water.

Her friend Chase (Chase Williamson- John Dies at the End) knows how she feels. Chase has made a living doing independent horror movies, but he understands it’s sometimes feast or famine when it comes to working in the movie business.

A couple of mutual friends suggest that Gillian would probably make an excellent serial killer.

Um, yes.

Ever since she heard it, Gillian’s been Inception-ized with the idea that it really might be a good idea to be a serial killer. Gillian thinks she might be pretty good at it.

Chase affably agrees with Gillian, not sure if she’s serious or not.

Gillian thinks it would be a great idea to kill people and film them.

The first person Gillian would like to kill is Chase’s girlfriend Olivia (Judy Greer- okay, it’s not really everyone’s best friend Judy Greer but I don’t feel like looking up the actress’ name so you’ll just have to deal with Judy Greer but that’s okay because Judy Greer is awesome).

Unsurprisingly Chase is not okay with this (“Do you realize how f*cked up that sounds?”). Gillian still thinks it’s a great idea because she really hates Olivia and thinks that Olivia is terrible for Chase.

Fast forward three years later.

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It’s three years later and time travel has been invented. There are multiple effective cures for cancer. Global warming has been reversed. Netflix only has 6 shows you can watch now. Covid has been eradicated but now there’s a new disease where your pants catch on fire if you walk in them too fast. Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt play undercover detectives trying to stop thieves from stealing billboards off the Santa Monica Freeway in Bradventures in Bradvertising.

Gillian and Chase have not spoken since that fateful day when Gillian thought it would be a great idea to murder Chase’s girlfriend.

Gillian still hasn’t gotten any further in her filmmaking career. Her agent/manager/Lyft driver fires her because nothing she’s written is worth making into a movie. She doesn’t have a lot of money or even a camera.

But what Gillian does have is the remnants of a dream. If her career is going down in flames, Gillian is going down swinging. That last sentence might have been a mixed metaphor. Gillian will at least attempt to make her murder movie, because what else does she have to lose besides her freedom if she’s caught and possibly her life?

She just found him like that.

She just found him like that.

On the plus side, Chase called out of the blue to tell Gillian that he’s getting married.

Gillian asks to whom.

Chase answers his longtime girlfriend Olivia. They’re finally tying the knot and Chase would love it if Gillian would be able to—

Gillian is more than a little upset. Old arguments are rehashed. Hurtful things are said. Stuff happens that can’t be taken back.

But this could be the start of a new and exciting chapter in Gillian’s filmmaking career. Gillian is going to make the movie she wants to. Even if it kills her. Or rather, even if others are killed.

You're probably not going to find many extras here.

You're probably not going to find many extras here.

What Works With I Blame Society

  • Despite playing a deliberately unlikable character, writer/director/star Gillian Wallace Horvat is magnetic as Gillian Horvat. You don’t really like Gillian but you can’t take your eyes off her. Despite the movie’s many slow parts, Horvat is always doing something interesting onscreen (“I’m living my best life”). Gillian’s anecdote about the Golden State Killer is horrifying and bleakly funny at the same time.
  • Indie stalwart Macon Blair (Blue Ruin, I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore) steals scenes as very helpful, um, person. If Blair has any lines of dialogue I don’t remember them because I was too busy laughing.
  • A tongue-in-cheek DIY makeover sequence that doesn’t really belong in the movie, but makes you chuckle nonetheless.

What Doesn’t Work With I Blame Society

  • The movie takes at least 45 minutes to get going. For a runtime that’s a little under 80 minutes, it’s the kiss of death if you’re the least bit impatient. You’ve been told it’s a horror movie, yet nothing truly horrific has happened.
  • Within 10 minutes you’ll easily be able to tell if you will like this movie. If you’re bored after the opening scenes, turn the movie off because it probably won’t be getting any better for you. If you’re persistent enough, then you’ll get what you invested your time for, even if takes longer than you’d like. Longer than almost anyone would like.
That light cost half this movie's budget.

That light cost half this movie's budget.


Such a mixed bag. I Blame Society has bursts of violence and satire interspersed with blocks of time where nothing really happens. If you get to the end, it’s a mostly satisfying experience even if you wish there was more blood and gore and fewer dead spots. But at least you know who to blame. Very mildly recommended.

Really 2.5


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