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Hyori Lee One of the Most Well-Known Singers In South Korea

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What Is Hyori Lee Known For?

Hyori Lee is a South Korean singer that started her music career with the pop music group called Fin.K.L. I have written plenty about her non-musical work and pursuits but this next article is specifically about her career as it pertains to her musical releases.


Hyori Lee's Early Career (1998-2002)

Which brings me to ask this question: why didn’t they just use the name Fine Killing Liberty instead of abbreviating it? The group released their debut album Blue Rain in 1998. They rose to success following the release of three singles including “To My Boyfriend” and this group became a major force in the South Korean music scene.

The group would release five more albums including the one called “White, Now and Forever”. Then they broke up in 2002.

Hyori Lee During an Advertising Campaign


More Interesting Facts About Hyori Lee

Family: She has a mother, father, one older brother and one older sister.

School: Gook Min University, 2nd year student as of the first writing of this article but we are now in 2022.
Her childhood dream was to become a police officer.
Hobbies / Special talent: Drawing and Acting is among her special talents. She is really fortunate to be able to draw because I am not good at drawing.
Favorite part of body: Her long, straight hair is her favorite body part and I really like her hair also! It is nice, long and straight. I have always loved long, straight hair in a woman.
Her ideal guy: Someone who leaves a good first impression
Motto: “let's do the best we can in everything”
Hyori Lee laughs often and she is low tempered.
Most precious thing: Hyori says that family is the most important thing to her.
First love: elementary school, there was a boy who did everything so well
Favorite food: Anything, but especially crackers covered with chocolate
Her favorite color is White.
Her favorite singers: Mariah Carey, Brandy
Her favorite songs: mostly Ballad and R&B

"Get Ya"

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"Bad Girls"

Hyori Lee's Solo Career & Endorsements

Hyori Lee embarks on her solo career

It was in 2003 that Hyori began her career as a solo artist. The album Stylish was released and it received great reviews and lots of financial success. Hyori became a success even at the annual Daesangs Awards ceremony where the album got seven trophies in a variety of categories. That is a great number of results for a debut album! This debut album sold over 150,000 copies. In 2006, Hyori Lee released her second album called Dark Angel. But she immediately was involved in controversy. The first single of the album “Get Ya” was thought by many to be a copy of Britney Spears’ song called “Do Somethin”. This caused Hyori Lee to stop doing any activities to promote that song. When Hyori lee had to sign a new record contract, she signed with M-Net Entertainment. She rose to further success becoming South Korea’s highest paid female singer. She agreed to star in a four episode series called If in love… like them for M-Net. She even recorded three songs for that show. That soundtrack was on the #1 position in South Korea in 2007. In April of 2010, Hyori Lee came out with another solo album called H-Logic. Note: as of 2019, she has released two more solo works and they are Monochrome (2013) and Black (2017).

Hyori Lee’s endorsements

Hyori Lee became the first Asian model to be chosen for Calvin Klein Jeans and she did a photo shoot for “The Pure Calvin” collection. Hyori Lee also briefly appeared in clothing commercial for Adidas. In addition, Hyori Lee also became involved in a very lucrative advertising campaign with famous actress Jessica Alba.

"Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang"

Hyori Lee Creates Controversy But Then Apologizes

In an incident having nothing to do with her music, Hyori Lee issued an apology following her Instagram LIVE broadcast held with Girls Generation member YoonA. The two women were hanging out at a karaoke event on July 1, 2020. The broadcast drew mixed reviews from fans that were concerned that the two of them were not practicing effective social distancing measures during the Covid 19 pandemic. Hyori Lee went to Instagram to apologize saying that her actions were not appropriate at a time when she should have been more careful. She said that she has been too excited these days and as a result, she was not able to think deeply about what she was doing. She also felt sorry for her friend YoonA and promised to be more careful in the future.

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