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Hunt for These Hide Songs While the Kids Seek Eggs

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Jim Messina Formed Poco Long Before Collaborating with Kenny Loggins


Each year at this time, much to the chagrin of tykes around me, I can literally quote The Beatles. Indeed, I am the eggman, as I undertake the responsibility of loading the colorful plastic ovals with various goodies.

After I have finished with each egg, I grunt the familiar chorus of “goo goo ga joob” and get eye rolls every time. Were I not such a fan of the song, that Easter task would probably be a boring job.

As monotonous as it may seem, loading the plastic eggs is still not nearly as bad as the physical activity of actually hiding them. Were I to somehow get stuck with that task, I would probably still chant “I am the eggman, but I would have to move around too much.

It would not be likely to happen, but if I did tire of singing “I am the Walrus,” there are alternative songs I could hum during the act of hiding the eggs. Here is a basketful of tunes that all have some form of “Hide” in their titles, excluding of course the Who song about Dr. Jekyll and his evil sidekick.

1. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles

This acoustic gem, which could have fit nicely on Rubber Soul, is one of the highlights in the film Help.

2. Hide Your Love by the Rolling Stones

Goatshead Soup is better known for the number one hit “Angie” as well as “Silver Train” and “Dancing with Mr. D,” so this deep cut is a pleasant addition to the already stellar album.

3. Hide in Your Shell by Supertramp

A live version on Paris brought new life to a song that had been recorded very early in the band's career.

4. Hiding My Heart by Brandi Carlisle

Alternate rocker Carlisle is best known for working with everyone from Wilco to the Old 97s but, as this track from The Story.

5. Hide Your Heart by Kiss

From 1989's Hot in the Shade, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons with this hit enjoyed one of their numerous comebacks.

6. Hide and Seek by Howard Jones

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Human's Lib, from whence this track emanated, shows Jones at his musical peak in 1984.

7. Can't Hide Love by Earth Wind and Fire

Originally done by a generally unknown band called Creative Source, Maurice White and his funky fellows released it as a single from the live Gratitude album.

8. Hide in Plain Sight by Jim James

My Morning Jacket's front man has released several quality solo albums, and this single comes from 2016's Eternally Even.

9. Something to Hide by Journey

For the first time ever, Steve Perry took over lead vocals on this track and much of he Infinity album, which contains “Lights” and “Wheel in the Sky.”

10. Nothing To Hide by Poco

Seventeen albums into their storied career, the folk rock band released Legacy and this first single from it.

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