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Prey (2022)

Prey (2022)


How Prey (2022) stood up against the its predecessors?

Although Prey is surely a Predator movie, many questions have aroused if it is connected to the Predator (1987) by Arnold Schwarzenegger. the answer is: Yes, according to an article by Patrick Cremona of the movie is set 300 years before the events of the original Predator (1987). Now how did Prey stood up against its predecessors? according to which they described the predecessors as great movies they lack things that Prey had and that Prey's lead character is more realized than those of Arnie and Glover. what's my say? yes the old Predators were cool but this one just hit the right amount of spice. it is somewhat became what fans have been searching for every time the predator is being rebooted or adding another chapter to it. on my personal experience of the movie I can could somewhat compare Trachtenberg's ways like of those Christopher Nolan's CGI's was quite less making it more realistic. I give much praise to Amber Midthunder and her mindset of "hunt and kill" I could rank her amongst the guys who fought the Predators in every movie. Seeing those guys fight the predators, you know man to man combat, you know the process of man vs man it's obvious who wins; Masculinity, but here, Naru (Amber Midthunder) was showing her ruthlessness since the beginning of the movie, though, there was a scene on that movie that reminded that he is a woman and still young there was a small flaw but at the end she made herself what she promised herself to be. A Hunter. I was really drawn in to that line she said: "It know how to hunt, but I know how to survive." that really made the deal.

Primitive versus Advance Technology.

Prey (2022)

Prey (2022)

Who really won?

As the fight instills, the Predator, tries to find the possible foe to outmatch him but of course the Predator will not come to a hunting ground with his balls and dick. Obviously he comes with his super advanced tech which he slaughters people with. mainly every one in his way comes and takes a taste of his toys. Like those of the previous films, they really had these weapons that could become a threat to the Predator but this time it is different; Bows and arrows? herbs, and stone axes? what made Naru came toe-to-toe with the Predator is that of the home-court advantage, the terrain, Naru and his tribe is so nurtured by the terrain because it was their home. Predator on the other hand is just a visitor, but in the end it comes into a stalemate, why? Naru may have won with her terrain and habitat proficiency, but she still used the Predator helmet to kill the creature once and for all. well played Trachtenberg, well played.

Are there more to come?

There is no currently report regarding a sequel to Prey but director Dan Trachtenberg said in an interview with TimeOut that there are a lot of ideas that are on hand and there is that scope of things that can be done that haven't been done before.

But if we see the ratings and responses from audience it is safe to say that there could be a possibility of a sequel or many more or even a crossover. We'll have to see and it is quite unsure if the lore of Naru will continue or in a feudal era Japan though, as there are so many fan pages what really wanted that to happen. As for now, Prey's future is still unknown and we'll have to wait until next chapter.

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