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Hulu Canada - Hulu Alternatives for TV Streaming in Canada

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if you want to watch Hulu in Canada, you are mostly out of luck unless you want to set up a VPN (virtual private network). But just for the sake of watching a few tv shows, that's probably going to be a costly and time-consuming option for most people.

What you may not realize though is that there are plenty of Canadian websites that allow you to watch US tv shows in Canada. Your Canadian networks have content licenses from the content owners and in most cases, these licenses include internet streaming rights for Canadian viewers.

And like the US services such as Hulu, Joost and the various tv network websites, access to streaming content is restricted via ip address -- just in this instance, it's Canadian ip addresses that get the goodies. So while I can tell you what US shows are streaming on Canadian tv websites, I can't watch them myself and I can't watch any of the great Canadian tv shows that don't air in the US.

CTV Online - TV On Demand

CTV Online - TV On Demand

Watch American Shows on CTV

CTV Online probably has the biggest selection of American tv shows streaming online for Canadian viewers. And if your internet connection can handle it, they have HD content as well.

Some of the popular US shows that you can watch online on CTV are:

  • Desperate Housewives
  • ER
  • Fringe
  • Gossip Girl
  • Greek
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Lost
  • Mad Men
  • Private Practice
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • The Colbert Report


US TV Shows on GlobalTV

Next up is GlobalTV with another decent size list of US tv shows you'll be able to watch online if you live in Canada. US tv shows available include:

  • 24
  • 90210
  • Bones
  • Family Guy
  • Harper's Island
  • Heroes
  • House
  • Prison Break
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Office
  • The Unusuals

GlobalTV also streams a couple of US daytime soaps, Days of Our Lives and
The Young and the Restless.

Also, thanks to Kevin and James who left comments bringing a couple of other Canadian tv stations that stream online to my attention.

More Canadian tv streaming

    The Canadian Discovery Channel also has a website where they stream their tv shows. You can watch, umm, Discovery channel type shows.
  • Space Video Player
    On Spacecast you can watch shows like The Listener, Torchwood, Stormworld and Primeval.


And finally you can pick up a couple of shows at CityTV. They don't have a lot, but if you want to watch Chuck or Ugly Betty, there's your solution!


Wilf M on February 03, 2020:

Streaming is the way of the future even all our cable stations are doing this but we get sucked in by paying for a service from our cable providers buying and paying for a product only to be hijacked by our our Canadian stations. The legal loop, hole of copy right.. You don't see our cable companies reducing our bills accordingly. So much for free trade or freedom of choice.. Go Streaming GO !!!!!

KendallJ on October 30, 2013:

I agree that it isn't the best to pay a few dollars a month to watch Hulu in Canada. but honestly, with the amount that we pay for cable, it's small price to be able to watch all the channels and tv shows! House of Cards! Modern Family! Just to share with the readers, I went with There are other VPN providers, but they were reputable and worked for me. I really couldn't find a Free provider that worked nearly as fast and consistent.

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Fernando on August 02, 2013:

I'm from Mexico and I can use hulu without any problem. It's the best site for watch U.S.A. tv shows and some animes. By the way, I drink tequila and Corona beer every day when I watch tv shows from hulu.

gist.forumer on October 05, 2012:

Why go for the duplicates when you can have the original ? Try any DNS service out there which will let you use services such as Hulu and netflix.

Anon on March 02, 2012:

Tried downloading Hotspot Shield, but now Hulu will not let you watch because it says you have an anonymous IP!

Jeff Phillips on January 30, 2012:

AngloVPN works fine to do this

RB on November 16, 2011:

Does anyone know of a good website to watch Sports live in HD if you live in Canada?

Anon on November 09, 2011:

Download Hotspotshield and you CAN watch Hulu from canada. It's a proxy program, easy to install. You won't be able to get Hulu plus though.

Riun on October 05, 2011:

Have you tried Tube+. You can watch pretty much any show as well as new and old movies for free.

Mani on September 28, 2011:

@Claude actually for french there is for Radio Canada shows.

guest on September 27, 2011:

for real canadian internet television, check out

canadagal on September 25, 2011:

I am canadian and I think it is ironic that Canada is considered a free country yet the CRTC and government can dictate what we have access to on television and the internet. Don't get me wrong.......I support canadian tv but most of our tv is american based so I find it difficult to understand why canada has limited access to streamed tv on the internet. The websites suggested in this article are fine but the shows and video clips they stream are very limited. I am looking more for clips and shows that are older, such as, Saturday Night Live from the 1980s and 1990s......stuff that is NOT al all available through the canadian tv websites.

CCM on September 15, 2011:

Help! I live in the US and want to watch Canadian shows. Any ideas for me?

Roger on September 11, 2011:

I use extensively for Canadian online TV shows.

Claude on September 04, 2011:

Sad! Nothing in French!

dan on August 14, 2011:

Lose the bell or rogers bandwith restricted garbage and move to AOL dont have to install or use their software and because the parent server is in the usa...hulu is totally available up here in Canada which is a MAJOR BONUS.

34.95 a month Unlimited.NEVER EVER had any problem with AOL and ANY piece of regular internet software...anything negative you read is bullshit.As long as you're going with adsl...quite rocks.

cynan on June 08, 2011:

Unfortunately, it seems that one of the best options for obtaining US television shows online is via downloading.

While many would consider this piracy, I don't think downloading previously recorded TV shows falls under any specific Canadian copyright law, and so, would be either legal, or fall into a gray area.

To be safe, I would think that any television show that is broadcast on Canadian networks, American or otherwise, should be "legal" to download in Canada - as it is legal to record these shows if you happen to be able to live in an area where you can get HD reception over the air from networks such as Global, CTV, etc.

Of course this does not mean it is necessarily legal to download copies of studio-released DVDs, etc.

I suppose what might also be considered "less legal" would be to download shows that are not broadcast over the air - like many cable-specific shows, such as Iron Chef on the Food Network. Or HBO shows that are not rebroadcast on other networks.

And speaking of HBO. It really irks me that, in order to subscribe to HBO in Canada, I need to also subscribe to a bunch of other channels I don't want. It is to the point that, if all I wanted to watch was HBO, I would have to pay around $100/month to get it (as I would first have to subscribe to a digital cable package for around $60-$70 and then a movies package for around $20-$30). I think this sort of enforced packaging of channels in this day and age is an injustice.

Jason Lee on April 20, 2011:

I use and its fast and free.

I can watch Hulu with no issues.

Hill on April 10, 2011:

Anyone know a website with a tutorial for building an interface to combine all the canadian streaming websites so you can scroll through it like satellite tv guide. Or do things like boxee and xbmc work with Canadian sites?

rhizome on March 26, 2011:

Hotspot Sheild is Adware/ Malware full of popups. Took forever to remove that crap from my PC.

Phillip on March 24, 2011:

If you want to watch Hulu just download their service is fast and its free. It's totally secure and encrypted.

Christopher on March 19, 2011:

I didn't bother to read all the posts but if you're looking for american tv or movies you can watch Hulu in Canada with the addition of a very small program. Go to Anchorfree and download and install HotSpot Shield. Originally designed for iPhones it will work in any computer as well. It masks your i.p. address so the Hulu site cannot tell you're canadian or anything other than a u.s. resident. It does come with some advertising but once you figure that out it works well. I've been using it for well over 6 months with no problem and I love being able to watch my shows on Hulu!

Pat on March 02, 2011:

Just simpler/easier to download the shows you want from torrents, no commercials, on your own terms, you don't have to be online...

Until it becomes cheap and easily accessible, i'll be doing that.

Nita on January 25, 2011:

I use Hotspot Shield as well & can watch Hulu. Give it a try!

jay on January 07, 2011:

yeah it does suck i wish people in canada could watch hulu i am from the usa

Mac on January 01, 2011:

works best in google chrome.

you can thank me later ;)

edge on December 31, 2010:

Install your own media servers as they are free and easy to configure:

- boxee

- mythtv

- xbmc

you will also get access to lots of tv and movies.

If you want to watch hulu subscribe to witopia.

superchicken on December 11, 2010:

Where do I watch "The White Shadow"?

kevin on November 03, 2010:

casttv or google: project free tv

sean mcclintock on October 31, 2010:

tpatt, thank you so much for the casttv recommendation. Exactly what I needed.

Mama on October 07, 2010:

This is no longer really current, and some of these shows never did appear on the stations they're claiming, at least not where I live.

Canada has a 50/50 policy, so half of what we watch HAS to be Canadian content, made by us for us, in our country. The CRTC needs to lighten up a bit. I'm mad that we can't see stuff from the US too, so many good shows, older stuff, etc. We're missing out and it's likely to stay that way, unless these places start streaming to places like Youtube and allow world wide access.

Sam on September 28, 2010:

I need my Dexter fix!

Disapointed on September 20, 2010:

city tv offers neither chuck nor ugly betty

Mectron on September 17, 2010:

The enterteiment industry need to understand that there is ONE MARKET: Earth.

The enterteiment industry is complaining about piracy, but infact THEY are the ones cause it, by ILLEGALLY preventing peoples from viewing they favorite show LEGALY.

Why do US viewers can views most current tv for FREE on hulu and Canadians have to pay 2.50$ PER EPISODE on itunes?

htpc on September 14, 2010:


You need to google htpc, or go to and search for "htpc" then "media player"

Both of these solutions are used to watch pictures, movies, play music, etc etc from any computer, thumdrive or portable/external hardrive... Just plug into the usb and your tv is now showing your (legally, and purchased with real money, from a monopoly's website) movies and songs etc...

HTPCs are way tougher to get right (stands fro home theater pc) but man do they friggin rock... They usually have wifi, so they can connect to any other computer in the house over a network, access network storages for older files, even download from the internet or stream from the net etc...

Media players are their own thing, with their own OS (kinda like an iPod, or any other MP3 player) and they can be pretty elaborate.

They can come with their own recorders, so when you're not playing a movie you can record directly from your tv, and some will play directly from netflicks account. I like the western digital media player (search for WD Live TV, WD HD Live TV, or WD HD Live TV plus... i think only the last one connects to netflicks)

Hope this helps, cheers,

seaner12 on September 04, 2010:

I don't know about everyone else, but watching TV episodes on my computer isn't very enjoyable. Does anyone know of any device that will stream these shows to your TV, like the dozens of ones that will do that for Hulu?

Deaf Canadian on September 01, 2010:

No Closed captions! How can deaf people understand without closed caption?

TV does have closed caption but why not websites support closed caption. Hulu have ready subtitles/closed caption support on websites under the American Disability Act (ADA) and FCC.

Canada do have CRTC to support on TV but not support closed caption on website as not law yet? Deaf people and I are frustrated to try watch videos on websites.

tpatt on August 10, 2010:

you only need to know about

matt on August 03, 2010:

check out hotspot shield, it allows canadians to use hulu, its free, and theres no spyware.

Ive been using it for months,

You can also turn it off whenever you want. You can also check out modify headers and other methods, and its perfectly legal!

bubba hotep on July 14, 2010:

Luke, your only option is and it aint great :/

luke on July 10, 2010:

where can i watch tv shows in canada!? please!! im desperate!!!

Jay on July 02, 2010:

All the Canadian alternatives are trash, they suck you in a lie about what shows you can watch which is very little. CTV and Global are trash and as a Canadian I won't watch those channels because they go out of their way to screw us over.

Stephan on June 29, 2010:

CornCobHookahPipe on April 25, 2010:

I'm in the U.S. and when a Canadian friend said they couldn't see the link I had posted from Hulu, I thought that was injustice!!!!

But, if it's any consolation, Hulu finds videos from websites and just puts it into one spot. Like ABC streams free episodes. But yeah, I know...Well, I'm sure they must be working on it

Paul Alves on April 09, 2010:

GlobalTV's streaming system is something from the 90s. It's a slideshow, even at the best of times. 2nd worst is CTV's that is so low quality. Why cant these guys do what YouTube does for streaming?

These guys need to join the online revolution or become casualties of progress.

Tupi on March 23, 2010:

I didn't know we had access issues until someone asked me how come I was able to watch all the American shows, via internet, if I was in Canada (including Hulu). My internet provider is AOL, so I guess they think I'm an American and this is why I never got blocked - however, I do sometimes get blocked from some Canadian sites :-)

Calvin on March 22, 2010:

April: I think you are wrong. Every time I have wanted to watch something on Global, it has been available the day after it airs on TV. I'm pretty sure the same is true for CTV.

Everyone talking about censorship: It isn't about censoring us. It's more than likely that we will find whatever we want on sites like Youtube, etc. It's all about who is making money. Global, for example, has sole distribution rights for "Survivor" in Canada, and are therefore the only company legally allowed to distribute it to us. That means that CBS isn't legally allowed to. They aren't trying to censor us, they are trying to maximize their profits.

April on March 07, 2010:

It's only good if you want to wait at least a day or two after something airs. Global, SPECIFICALLY, doesn't put things up for a minimum 2 days. Not so great when you fell asleep and just want to watch it in the morning.

Jaidal on February 07, 2010:

You're making an assumption that all VPN solutions cost money.

John on February 02, 2010:

It's sad that we are limiting what we can experience.

bill on January 23, 2010:

no none of the stuff you posted as being an alternative to hulu is any good.

i mean it is ironic we condemn a country like china for censoring the internet yet canadians are subjected to the same thing.

otbear on January 22, 2010:

Why do I have to pay to see the same shows and infomercials repeated during the day?

Canadian broadcasting only seem to put 8 hours a day of actual new programming repeated 3 times a day.

Why do we need so many channels basically showing reruns for 16 hours a day?Bring back the Test Pattern, that way you know what your paying for and when.

MikeP on January 07, 2010:

theres also the comedy network Canadian website that has many full comedy episodes and seasons

Ahmad on December 30, 2009:

Global TV has only 2 min clips of popular TV shows...not the complete episodes :(

Derek on December 23, 2009:

Rogers recently launched Rogers On On Demand Online at

Steve on December 19, 2009:

If Canadian content was actually any good, it wouldn't need laws and can-con regulations to protect it.

Ian on October 29, 2009:

Totally agree, Dig. It does suck. But at least Canadian networks are doing a better job at streaming content now than they were a little while ago. Sadly the amount of content is still not as wide as Hulu.

Dig on October 24, 2009:

Here's the real deal. This is Canadian TV networks using our government (CRTC) to block Canadians from getting content direct from the US. The Canadian networks want us to watch US programing on their channels so we see Canadian advertising to go with it. It has little to do with protecting Canadian content or culture or whatever. It's about who has bought the rights to air US shows in Canada and it sucks!

Mere on October 04, 2009:

There are alternatives but there are a lot of shows that don't air anymore and rare stuff on Hulu that I would really like to watch. Hulu is the only place for some stuff I want to see. I think it is BS that they film so many shows/movies in Canada and yet we can't access their sites? Come on..If they want to use copyright/laws as an excuse then that makes sense for overseas places but not for Canada. 75% of content we see on TV is it is a giant kick in the face not to be able to use Hulu. If they want to be greedy then get out and stop using our country/talent.

blah on September 24, 2009:

In Ontario, I can watch CNN, ABC, Discovery Channel from US websites.

Nadine Menard on September 11, 2009:

I find these issues very strange, as all of English Canada watches US TV shows. Also, the best Cdn talents go on to work on US networks.

So why, pray tell are there laws that prevent telecommunications across North America? We lose our best to the US and then can't even access them on the internet with the rest of America. Must be about $$$.

Emma (author) from Boston on September 08, 2009:

I'm right there with you, Cathe. I'd love to see more Canadian shows on US television and on US websites.

Cathe on September 08, 2009:

This is great! Thanks for the post. Now if there were only a way, when I return to the states, to view in the US some of the great Canadian shows I've come to like while here in Canada.

Barb on August 26, 2009:

Great post! You can also check the CBC website for shows like The Tudors, Being Erica, The Hour, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Rick Mercer Report and more. It's not as intuitive as some websites - you need to click on the tabs for the different days to find the program you're looking for, then click on the link to the website for that program and that's where you'll find the streaming content. Only in Canada, you say? Pity...

Bill B on August 26, 2009:

I heard Rogers is going to offer On Demand to subscribers online, any idea when?

Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD from Tumkur on August 15, 2009:

Much informative. This saves the TV lovers from wasting their time in simpley searching!

David on July 30, 2009:

Don't forget

spencer on July 05, 2009:

Thanks a million for this post man! good work

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