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How to Cancel Netflix Subscription & Alternatives to Consider

There was a time in which watching a movie was essentially meaning relying on what offered on TV channels or at the cinema, with the only option to watch a specific title provided by renting or purchasing DVD and, even before, VHS supports. The true revolution was provided by the arrival of fast internet connections and, after them, services allowing to watch movies online. There are mainly two kinds of online movie marketplaces:

  • digital stores allowing to rent or buying digital movies, so that the user is going to pay only for what they effectively watch;
  • subscription services allowing to watch unlimited movies for a monthly fee.

The first kind of service is particularly good for those who enjoy watching specific movies occasionally and maybe want to build a personal library to be watched again in the future, while the second is particularly good for those who watch several movies and want to enjoy a limited access without caring about owning a lifetime license allowing forever access to them (like it happens when purchasing the physical DVD or the movie on a digital marketplace like iTunes or Google Play).

Watching Netflix on an iPad device

Watching Netflix on an iPad device

The Convenience of Netflix

When it comes to talk about subscription based services to watch unlimited movies, Netflix is surely the first name in the sector: its subscription plans start from $9.99 per month and the price varies if one wants to enjoy higher streaming resolution or more devices to share access to movies with. There are surely various advantages coming with a Netflix subscription, starting from the convenience of enjoying unlimited access to movies and arriving to the wide support for different phones, tablets and smart TVs. The only relevant disadvantages of the service and, in general, of all movie streaming platforms are provided both by the fact the newest releases are not generally added to the library immediately and by the fact access to movies is granted only by a subscription, whose price may eventually vary over time: buying a physical copy of a movie or even a digital one on movie marketplaces works instead good for people who do not need to enjoy unlimited access to movies but still like the freedom of not depending on a recurring membership and watching purchased movies every time they wish.

When You Should Cancel Netflix Subscription

Despite the general convenience provided by subscription services like Netflix, not everyone may take fully advantage of the wide catalogue of movies on the platform: in this case, they may consider to cancel their subscription or even just pause it for a while. You may cancel your Netflix subscription for various reasons, including:

  • being already right with what offered at the TV;
  • enjoying watching movies only occasionally, so that renting or buying single titles on digital marketplaces (or purchasing DVDs) or also going to the cinema may work better, as in this case there may not be a convenience in paying for a subscription in order to watch movies only occasionally;
  • wanting to own the right to access a movie at every moment (even though real ownership of a movie is an illusion, still, one can license access to it for an unlimited time, and this is what happens when purchasing a DVD or a digital copy), something that a service paid on a recurring basis cannot offer;
  • just needing to save some money, even if for a while, before starting using again the service.

Whatever is the reason why one may wants to suspend or terminate their Netflix subscription, this article is going to provide support in following all the passages required to stop using the popular movie streaming service.

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How to Cancel a Netflix Subscription

In order to stop renewing automatically a Netflix subscription and end using it after the end of the current month, these passages have to be followed:

  1. Login to Netflix account and go to Account settings located in the top right menu;
  2. Select the button referred to membership cancellation.

Note that you may not be able to see the button if Netflix subscription has been performed through an external partner, like a phone carrier. In this case, instructions will be shown in order to proceed with the cancellation through the partner.

After having canceled the membership, viewing data and preferences will be kept for up to 10 months: after this period, a future come back to the popular movie streaming service will be like opening a new account for the first time. Finally, membership will be not canceled instantaneously if a gift card has been redeemed: in this case, only after ending the available balance the subscription will be definitely canceled without taking money from credit card.

What Are the Alternative to Netflix?

In case one does not want to use Netflix anymore but still enjoys watching movies online, purchasing or renting them through iTunes or Google Play may be a good alternative. In addition, also other popular movie streaming services may work well: actually Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are among the top rated alternatives to Netflix, each one with their different features.

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