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How to annoy your girlfriend or wife: Funny, harmless and hilarious pranks you can play on her

Annoying your girlfriend may be easy but it could be a tough job to bring the smile back on her face. Arm yourself with a camera to frame these priceless expressions and a gift to apologize and pamper her after you've had your fun.

Annoying your girlfriend may be easy but it could be a tough job to bring the smile back on her face. Arm yourself with a camera to frame these priceless expressions and a gift to apologize and pamper her after you've had your fun.

If you have been looking for ways to annoy your girlfriend or your loving wife, look no more because this post is packed with funny pranks that you can play on her. From everyday habits to one off harmless pranks, read on for tips that will help you annoy her, irritate her and make her hate you from the bottom of her heart. Be prepared with gifts and a lot of pampering to get her back into your arms.

1) Set up a female friend to flirt with you while she is around

What better way to annoy your lady love than to flirt with a random stranger? Set up a female acquaintance who she has not met yet, and flirt with her when you are with your girlfriend. It could be while you guys are hanging out at the mall, have gone to the movies or are on a fun date together.

2) Leave the bathroom dirty and messy

It is no secret that the fairer sex likes a cleaner bathroom and this prank is easy to pull off for married couples or those who live together. If you want her to be irritated first thing in the morning, leave the bathroom unkempt and dirty. Leave the toilet seat up and spray some water all over the pot so it seems as if you have taken a leak all over the place. If you really want to go the extra mile to annoy your girlfriend, you could leave fake poop on the toilet floor.

3) Change her email and Facebook password

Do you know the passwords to your girlfriend's email and Facebook? If you do, you could not only change the passwords but you can also send out a few posts and messages on her behalf. Let her find out when one of her friends calls her and tells her about an embarrassing status update.

4) Tell her that she may have become pregnant

Assuming you have already consummated your relationship, you could annoy and even scare your partner by telling her that she could be pregnant. Pretty self explanatory, this prank of yours could send her into a head spin and leave her terrified for hours to come until you sheepishly reveal to her the truth. Be prepared with a gif though, she may not let you off easily.

5) After a fight tell her that you forgive her even if it is your fault

If you've had a fight or an argument with your girlfriend, top it off by saying I Forgive You regardless of whose fault it is. Your wife or your girlfriend will fume and spit fire at your arrogant move and this may very well push her to a boiling point.

6) Record a new and nasty message on her answering machine

Replacing a voice message or answering machine message is an easy way to annoy your girlfriend or your wife. Just erase hers and record something hilariously funny or utterly embarrassing. Let her find out when one of her friends call her about it. Don't forget to take a picture of the priceless expression on her face!

7) Hide her pads or tampons

Let's not get into the nitty gritty details of this one, but you can annoy your girlfriend by hiding her pads or tampons. She will freak out, to say the least. But make sure you don't continue this prank for too long else you could face the wrath of a moody lady.

8) Behave as if you forgot her birthday or your anniversary

If your girlfriend's birthday is coming up, act as if you have forgotten it. Be aloof and if she keeps getting calls to wish her a happy birthday on her cell phone, act stupid and ask "Hey, why is everyone calling you today?" But don't forget to back this prank up with a lovely gift that brings a smile back on her face.

9) Act as if you had something to tell her and then say 'It's a secret. Maybe later'

Go to your girlfriend and act as if you have some seriously hot gossip to tell her. At the last moment, make a weird face and say something on the lines of "Oh wait. Maybe it is not the best idea to tell you this secret right now. When the time is right" Walk away and don't look back. You will leave her fuming red.

10) Fill one of her handbag/purse pockets with ketchup

This is possibly one of the riskiest ways to annoy your wife or girlfriend and try it only if she has a handbag that is washable. Go through her handbag and pick a pocket that she uses often. Empty a sachet or two of tomato ketchup and sit back as she dips her fingers in. Be double sure that the purse or handbag you are touching is not expensive or else you may foot a hefty bill for your harmless prank.

11) Hide her underwear: One piece at a time

If you hide all her underwear at once, she will immediately know it is you. So to keep this prank mysterious and exciting, start hiding her underwear one piece at a time – A bra today, panties tomorrow and a sports bra a couple of days later. Keep doing it until your girlfriend or your wife suddenly realizes that some of her favorite bras and panties have gone missing.

12) Tell her you feel like having sex just after you've had a fight

In a double whammy move, pick a fight with your girlfriend and immediately after you have stopped fighting, tell her that you feel like having sex. And if you want to make it really dramatic, strip down to your boxers and call her into the bedroom. But be prepared to hear things like "You animal. How can you be so messed up?"

13) Fart in front of her friends: But make sure you warn your friends beforehand

How would you feel if your wife or girlfriend let out air in front of your friends? Embarrassed as hell? Well that's the point. If you are a funny guy, you could try this harmless yet stinky prank to annoy your girlfriend. Make sure you warn her friends beforehand and let one rip when you all are hanging out. Have a cell phone camera ready so you can capture one of the most embarrassing expressions she will ever have.

14) Keep talking about the new girl in your class/office

Just like how you'd be annoyed if she talked about the good looking new guy in her class, she too will freak out when you do the same. Come up with a name for the new girl in your class/office and talk about her all day long in front of your girlfriend or wife. She may try to take it like a good sport in the beginning, but slowly and surely, she will crack. But don't go overboard because too much talk about the new girl could very well be as good as sowing seeds of jealousy in your relationship.

15) Playfully drop her hair iron and act as if you broke it: Just when she needs it

If your girl loves her straight hair, this prank could bring her to tears. Just when she is getting ready, act as if you are playing with her hair iron and drop it. As you pick it up, carry a sheepish expression and behave as if you've broken it. Keep her shielded from the truth until you think she can't take it anymore.

16) Change the look of her desktop and various menus

Don't we all hate it when icons and menus on our favorite devices are suddenly changed? Do the same thing on your girlfriend's computer, laptop, tablet or her cell phone. Give her some time to get irritated as she fiddles around with the new menus and icons. And if she manages to fix things back to normal, do it again and again till she cracks.

17) Support her brother or sister when she's fighting with him/her

There is little more that will annoy your wife or girlfriend than the moment when you support her brother or sister during an argument between them. Your partner expects you to be supportive every step of the way, especially when someone is giving her a tough time.

18) Photoshop her favorite pictures and moustaches on them

Harmlessly annoy your partner by taking some of her favorite pictures and add moustaches on her face in all of them. Blow them up, print them out and put them all over her room. If she finds it funny for the first time, keep doing it again and again till she starts pulling her hair out.

19) Paint her nails in whacky colors when she's sleeping

Can you imagine how angry and annoyed your girlfriend will be if she wakes up to find her nails painted in whacky colors? If you can't, try it. Buy whacky nail paint in yellow, orange, blue, etc and paint her nails when she's a sleep. Make sure you buy a bottle of remover too, else you will have a very angry lady all day long.

20) Say no to foreplay

Does this need any explanation at all? You will definitely annoy the daylight out of her head when you get straight to the act and walk away like an animal. But be prepared to pamper her and treat her like a queen if you want to get back in the sack, ever.

21) Crumple all the clothes in her closet

This may not seem like a good way to annoy your wife or girlfriend, especially if she makes you do all the ironing, but you will still manage to get a few laughs out of the situation. Make sure you do this on a weekend or a day off, when she doesn't need to rush in the morning. Else you will have an angry kitty to deal with – Claws drawn out and with a mood to match.

22) Hide her makeup and beauty products

From liner to shadow to lip color to moisturizer to powder – Hide everything and refuse to tell her where you've hidden it until she is ready to kill you. Be on your guard though, she will try every trick in the book to convince you into easily giving up your secret hiding place.

23) Chop off a lock of her hair when she is asleep

Warning, this is not for the faint hearted. Chopping off even the slightest of a woman's hair will possibly attract weeks of angry, frustrated and grumpy behavior, not to mention all the sucking up you will have to do. But if you are prepared to play out the ultimate prank to annoy your girlfriend, this could be it. Chop off a tiny bit of your girlfriend or wife's locks while she is asleep and leave it on the bathroom sink where she can see it first thing in the morning.

24) Give her a birthday gift that she will hate

Do you know something specific that your wife or girlfriend hates? It could be a collection of movies from her least favorite genre or a new top in a color that you know she hates. The idea is to give her a gift which will definitely be a downer. Once she unwillingly accepts it with a forced smile, surprise her with a real gift which she will love.

25) Keep drooling over pictures of your celebrity crush

We all have celebrity crushes and it is one thing to be in awe of hot pictures of your favorite celeb. Take it to the next level by having your favorite hottest celeb as your desktop wallpaper, cell phone wallpaper, posters in your room and pictures in every nook and corner of your life. Drool over these pictures in front of your girlfriend. For a while she could find this amusing but after some time she will get fed up, annoyed, jealous and ready to scratch you like a mean kitty.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on January 31, 2013:

So right! Definitely one would be annoyed with these ways. You said it all here. thanks

River on January 21, 2013:

This is cool! lol i'm going to try some of these. She may get mad but she'll still love me (: and she'll probably get on Google and look up some pranks to do on me.... ._.

Ante Rajic from Croatia on September 09, 2012:

When I firstly saw the picture, I though this is going to be a review of a horror movie :).

Voted up!

Carla Dominique from Philippines on August 21, 2012:

Nice hub. Made me smile. Though I might get mad after all the pranks. I really am a short-tempered person. It gets in to my nerves and it looses up my mood for the whole day.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on August 17, 2012:

A great hub with clever ideas to really annoy, though I do not know the outcome of the pranks!!

Ghost32 on July 30, 2012:

Any one of these would get me divorced a 7th time, and I'd deserve every bit of it.

Mary from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on July 30, 2012:

Great entertaining hub number 2 drives me nuts I hate a dirty bathroom.

Kari on July 30, 2012:

This should be titled - how to lose your girlfriend or wife. Annoying is to poke her in the ribs when she says stop. Ruining the relationship by causing her to feel anger towards you is supporting the person she is fighting with - like #17.

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