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How to Recruit for your Guild (World of Warcraft)



The hardest part of starting a raiding guild is recruiting team members. The factors which determine when, why and how you recruit go well beyond simply filling an open spot in your group build. Recruiting successfully can be surprisingly complicated.

 There are four main groups of factors which must be looked at when recruiting. These in order are; Who? Why? How? When? To be successful in recruiting the required members and retaining them without large spaces between invites; all of these major groups have to be examined and your style of recruitment must form around them.

Pick me! Pick me! Oh, you don't need any more tanks =(

Pick me! Pick me! Oh, you don't need any more tanks =(


Who: Who is it that you are after? Do you accept all levels? Are you a pure raiding guild? Social guild? All rounder? Level cap only guild? This is the first step. Your recruitment needs to focus on your target group.

Once you know what group you’re aiming for, you must figure out what classes you are after; particularly raiding guilds. It is pointless to recruit classes you simply do not need or do not have room for. Here is where you set your limits. You need a ranged dps for your 10man raid. Your guild has no shadow priests and would like one for utility reasons, but and ranged dps will fill the basic position. How good does a mage have to be for you to fill the spot with them, despite the fact that you already have a mage in your main group?

It is a good idea to write notes down as to the limits you set on each situation as you think about it.

Now you know you want a (example) Retribution Paladin, one ranged dps preferred mage and a Tank of any class; you need to figure out what kind of player you are after. Create a set of questions to ask them either through application or through in game interview which will broadly determine what kind of person they are, what they want to get out of a guild and/or raids and whether you believe they will fit in with the rest of the guild. The best way to deal with conflict is to prevent it in the first place. If simply one current member has issues with a possible applicant, it may not be worth the social risk recruiting them.

Who to recruit helps you to recruit the right person, and saves you time when recruiting by: (A) preventing you from recruiting the wrong person and having to recruiting again 2 weeks later. (B) Prepares you for the questions people will ask (including pre-made raid time macros and question macros) and including information to ensure only those who are likely to fit your needs will reply, preventing you getting RSI and developing mental illness talking to trade trolls and declining people who cannot take no for an answer.

Why me? Is it because I'm blue?

Why me? Is it because I'm blue?


Why? Why are you recruiting? Why do you need these people for your guild and not others? Why don't you have them at the moment? What is it you want them for?

 Once again, one of the most important parts of recruiting is presenting what you want. I have outlined the importance of who you want; now you need to figure out what you want. You must make it obvious what you want the stated who for. Do you want them for raiding naxx or for Ulduar? Are you looking for someone interested in raiding 10mans with a guild or 25mans, or both? Do you want a casual member or a regular team member? This information needs to be either readily available to possible applicants or presented in your original advertisement.

To find out how, enter the Shadow Labs and read this book. Just kidding! Please keep reading =)

To find out how, enter the Shadow Labs and read this book. Just kidding! Please keep reading =)


How? This is where things start to get interesting. “How” you recruit means both; through what means as well as the format you put it in. Your first step is to determine how far you wish to take your recruitment in terms of exposure.

 Most guilds just stick to the basic one server trade channel recruitment posting. This is not the only way. If I wished, I could and am thinking of creating an advertisement for my guild on Hubpages. You’re probably a WoW player if your reading any of my Hubs so far, so I would be hitting the right target market. There are also specialized sites out there for MMO guild recruitment. One which is specifically for WoW is called LookingForGuild Beta (give it a google). It allows you to add very professional looking guild recruitment bios to a search engine potential applicants can use.

  Regardless of who or why or how you are currently recruiting; chances are you already have or are going to create guild recruitment macros for trade channel use. These are my basic rules for using guild recruitment macros on trade:

-Never post a macro more than once every two minutes if you want to avoid claims of spam and causing an adverse effect to your guilds reputation.

-Avoid swearing, racism or other breaches of Blizzards terms and agreements in your posts. All you will get is one

-Take note of how people respond to them but do not be goaded into an argument. It will take you completely off track.

-Try to keep you macro short and sweet, but don’t sacrifice clarity for this.

-Make sure your spelling is correct

-Don’t write it all in caps lock

 Now, in m opinion there are three categories when it comes to recruitment macros; the attractive, the informative, and the shit.

 The shit ones are, well; just shit. These make up the majority of trade spam on most servers. They are full of useless or irrelevant information, spelling mistakes and other slip ups which reveal that it has been made by either a ten year old or someone who sucks at anything to do with guilds. Some tips for avoiding making a shit macro are;

-Do not state the obvious. Every guild has a tabard so ffs don’t mention it unless your target market is ten year olds who want an “awesome” tabard. This goes the same for bank tabs and “being helpful and friendly”. No one gives a shit how many bank tabs you have and working together is basically what guild means.

-Get to the point. Don’t type out sentences. Use abbreviations and only what is really necessary. “we will do instances and other fun things all the time” is a common example. This can be re written as “LF members for instances & social events”. It looks more professional and saves space.

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-Take note of any comments people make about your macros and try to counter them by changing your macro rather than arguing with them.

 Informative macros dish out as much relevant information as possible. These are best for hardcore endgame raiding guilds. An informative macro usually includes a high amount of abbreviation and jargon. The best informative macros include the following

-Main raid times & days

-very brief gear requirements

-attendance requirements

-a website or application form link

-Classes needed


<Guild> Recruiting for Ulduar25 7pm – 10pm ST Mon, Thur, Fri / Tank: Warrior / Healer: Priest, Paly / DPS: Lock, Mage, Rogue. 4000 GS minimum. 80% attendance minimum. Plz pst for more info or apply at

 Attractive macros are my favourite. Their purpose is to attract attention, stand out from the rest of the trade spam, create curiosity and then get to the point. An attractive macro may use some of the following tools:




- Some caps words but not all



-anything you can think of that is different but can e related to the topic


Are you sick of waiting for promotion? Looking for a guild with A DENTAL PLAN? Aching for SUPPERANNUATION on top of your loot? <Guild> has the best benefits around. Recruiting for Ulduar10/25 now; plz pst for more info.


<Guild> has 4 tabards, 80 bank tabs, 32 websites, a partridge and a pear tree. JUST KIDDING! Forget the stuff other guilds post because we are after mature raiders for Ulduar10/25 Sat / Sun 7pm-10pm ST. Pst for more info.

They work well for casual and social raiding guilds as well as general leveling guilds

 Once you know what category you are going to use, you need to choose whether you are going to use a general macro like the examples above or class specific macros. The most successful recruiters use a combination of both.


Have you noticed feathers growing on your body lately? Have you got a craving for acorns, or a strange fetish for the moon? If so, you’re either a Balance Druid or just plain weird! <TNH> needs a furry friend for Ulduar10/25. Plz pst for more info!

 I have had great fun playing with these and the feedback you get is a lot nicer than what you get with the usual boring spam.

Use server time for raid times when recruiting, but recruit in your areas peak times.

Use server time for raid times when recruiting, but recruit in your areas peak times.


When? The best time to recruit is peak hour. Any day between 3pm and midnight is best because that is when the most people are online chilling in trade. Every time you enter a major city, post a macro. Even if you are just passing through, one post might find the one person you need. If you intend spending more than an hour posting macros, the best time to do it is in your raid time slot. Yes this can be annoying and possibly not an option to some, but you are more likely to find people who want to play at a certain time if you advertise at that time. It is the same as anything, you don’t advertise a children’s toy at 10pm, you do it in the middle of the kids shows in the morning. If you are recruiting for 7pm, it is almost pointless to recruit for extended amounts of time at 3am after drinking three cans of Redbull.

Here is probably my most valuable tip. Run half pug raids with your guild. If they go well and you like the pugs involved, post a macro at the end of the raid. More than 50% of my guild has been recruited in this manner and has been proven to work with other guilds on my server.


Finally, we come to my guide to WoW guild recruitment. I have been doing this for over two years now, but there is always new things to learn. How do you recruit for your guild? Lets share the love and post our guild recruitment ideas in the comments below. Thank you foor reading - Ryan Lee.


Matt Brady on June 05, 2010:

Cool guide here on guilds. Some guilds recruit only people they know but this means having a heap of friends that are into WoW, and this is the easiest way to start, but if not, as you said, you will have to let everyone know what type of guild you are and what you're into, and the 'requirements' they should have!

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